Why ht2? A Science Franchise for Children

Starting your own business is exhilarating in itself, but it's even better when you have an experienced support team by your side that has been there before, knows the education and school landscape, and can offer guidance every step of the way. That's the High Touch High Tech (ht 2 ) franchise advantage.

Fun Science Experiment

High Touch High Tech Programs:

  • Engage children
  • Support science education and teachers
  • Bolster student achievement

Reasons ht 2 is the Franchise Opportunity for you:

  • Large market assignment
  • Loyal customers
  • Low cost
  • Home-Based Business

Here's what you can expect with ht2 :

  • Grow a profitable children's franchise
  • Start with a 25+ year reputation
  • Educational credibility
  • Unlimited Corporate support
  • Internet presence — websites, social media, and blog
  • Corporate partnerships — to further increase brand visibility
  • Continuous cash flow
  • Franchisee Resource Center
  • Biennial franchise conferences that provide opportunities to learn fresh and innovative ways to grow your business, while exploring best practices and interacting with fellow owners.
Fun Science Experiment

High Touch High Tech is a brand with global exposure and appeal; a dependable, rewarding and profitable home-based franchise opportunity. Our franchisees provide a variety of fun, entertaining and educational science experiences to children in schools, preschools, camps, libraries, community centers, and private homes; ultimately, wherever children are found in their communities. These highly sought-after innovative and engaging educational programs are easy to deliver.

We offer you a unique opportunity to build a successful business while contributing to your community. Get started with your franchise today by teaching FUN, hands-on science experiences to children. Our services are in high demand due to teachers, parents, school administrators, businesses and government having vested interest in enriching children's science understanding. High Touch High Tech franchisees realize the benefits of providing programs that make science fun and accessible.

Our franchisees focus on promoting their business and scheduling presentations, delivered by their staff of instructors. A client-base is quickly built and ht2 customers keep coming back — and referring us to others. Over 50% of High Touch High Tech business is repeat business!

You will receive a comprehensive training package to get you started and unparalleled guidance to help grow your business. Our team provides new franchisees with the materials, training, and support they need to establish High Touch High Tech in their community.

Sixteen million kids annually participate in ht2 programs. Every day, every hour, somewhere in the world, there is a High Touch High Tech educational program happening. This is a momentous accomplishment in 25 years.

We have created a community of young learners keen on rolling up their sleeves, fueling their imagination, sparking curiosity, and doing REAL science. High Touch High Tech has established a community of innovative teachers who have fully incorporated our programs into their lesson plans.

High Touch High Tech has cultivated an outstanding family of franchisees whose boundless energy, determination, adherence to our corporate goals, mission, and to the children we serve has been phenomenal. We pledge our full support and corporate resources to the success of our incredible franchisees.

Fun Science Experiment
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