High Touch High Tech shares our technology information via our Franchise Resource Center. It is our very own Intranet and web system. We offer 24/7 on-line access to employ our marketing strategy. This password protected resource center is where you can go to edit your website, download images, videos, scripts, supply lists, and all the other resources you need to keep your business up to speed without having to be a technology expert!
Technology Information


We broaden the reach of our franchisees by empowering them with a range of web-driven educational and promotional vehicles. Take a look at the this slide series for a few examples.


We host branded websites for all of our franchise locations, using a unique domain naming system to identify each territory. All of our websites include exciting features like social network share buttons, self-select photo images, document uploads, and much more! You will receive a unique password in order to access and edit your individual website anytime, day or night!

Intranet - Resource Center

Internet communication has emerged as a remarkable way to spread the word about your franchise. As an owner, your marketing efforts will be enhanced by the ongoing release of powerful tools accompanied by time-saving support from our staff. We accompany each release with a "How To" guide to remove the guesswork involved in adopting new technologies.

Here are a few examples of the technology resources we provide:

  • Monthly releases of branded E-News templates and updated content
  • Content Management System (CMS) enabling you to easily update your web site and optimize it for search engines
  • New web site features providing broader reach and up-to-date graphics
  • Facebook support and documentation
  • Downloads of branded marketing resources that you can tailor to your franchise
  • 24/7 web based supply ordering of ht2 branded materials
  • Classroom companion kids' site with fun science activities
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