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A science success story heard around the world.

High Touch High Tech and how "Dinosaur Dan" revolutionized the teaching of science.

High Touch High Tech was incorporated in Coral Springs, Florida, USA in 1992. But it truly began when the young daughter of our founder came home from school, said her teacher was looking for a fun idea for a booth at a school carnival, and asked if he had any ideas. His first thought was a fun science booth. Fun and science? His daughter was skeptical, but he had a plan.

Clearing the path to engaged learning. It all begins with connection.

Conversations are the first step to exploring new ideas. As students approached Dan Shaw at the science experiment booth, he found a different way to engage their imaginations. He introduced himself as "Dinosaur Dan," a scientist. He then said that they would all become scientists that day, and asked them what do scientists do. Their answers ranged from studying the earth to space to medicine. He let them know that no matter the field, all scientists do experiments, and asked if they'd like to try some? Eyes widened. Mouths smiled and cheered. These kids were excited. The children had no hesitancy asking Dinosaur Dan questions. They felt a connection right away.

Superpowers for scientific success.

Right up front, he let the students know that to perform any experiment, they would need to have three special skills - superpowers - and asked if they were up to the challenge. Again, they were thrilled, engaged and ready to go. So, he flexed his biceps and explained the superpowers for experimentation.

  1. The Power of Observation - use your eyes and ears
  2. The Power of Imagination - use your sense of wonder
  3. The Power of Curiosity - use your sense of "what if"

Ben Franklin and his electric powers. Alexander Fleming and his accidental healing powers.

Dinosaur Dan used these three powers to describe the process that lead to Benjamin Franklin's discovery of electricity by grabbing lightning with a key and Alexander Fleming's unlikely discovery of penicillin by cross contaminating fungus and bacteria. Their observations, imaginations and curiosity changed the world! Passion and inspiration collide, producing an explosion of student interest. The birth of High Touch High Tech.

Teachers at the school took notice of the excitement and engagement of the students at Dinosaur Dan's science booth. They asked Dan Shaw to return to school the next day to teach while they observed his techniques. This was the birth of High Touch High Tech.

Pull science out of books and into students' hands.

With new-found inspiration from students and a life-long passion for science, Dinosaur Dan Shaw used his own powers of observation, imagination and curiosity to discover a new method of teaching science. The early 90s brought on the new age of information with the introduction of the World Wide Web. Having answers at the touch of a finger meant we would surely stifle the important value of imagination and curiosity. That is, unless we find a way to pull science out of text books or computer screens and into the hands of students - develop a counter balance of a high-tech world with a totally hands-on (high touch) participatory science experience.

Shaw spent countless hours interviewing teachers and investigating curriculum to develop programs that introduce science to young students in a fun, engaging (hands on) way and inspire a lifelong love of learning and a positive approach to science study. His programs coincided with the "science across the curriculum" trend, coupling science with writing and reading skills. High Touch High Tech programs provided a hands-on and participatory approach. Students felt empowered. Teachers were amazed. Parents and administrators valued the program.

No limits. No boundaries.

This franchise changes lives. Yours and your kids.

High Touch High Tech became a permanent resource in classrooms and is now used in more than 3,000 U.S. school districts annually. As franchises came on board, High Touch High Tech expanded internationally, from Canada to Singapore to Nigeria, and, in fact, is used on the high seas aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines to provide unique science experiences for their youth programs. Hotels and resorts soon adopted the program. Science Made Fun! A great way to enjoy a vacation experience.

The growth of High Touch High Tech internationally demonstrates that "Dinosaur Dan" Shaw's vision of a brand of science that is fun for kids and valued by parents, is universal, with demand across all cultures.

High Touch High Tech is globally recognized as a leader in innovative hands-on science experiences for children with more than 16 million children annually taking part in the program. At any moment, somewhere in the world, a child is learning his or her powers of observation, imagination and curiosity.

A Child Does a Fun Science Experiment
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