Investing in a business requires careful consideration. Many owners rely on their personal assets to finance their franchise including savings, investments, lines of credit or home equity loans. Some receive financial support from family or friends.

SBA Business Loans

Many individuals seek Small Business Administration (SBA) loans to fund their franchise fee. These government-guaranteed loans are offered through private sector lenders such as banks or credit unions. High Touch High Tech is an SBA-approved franchise which means we work with many SBA and non-SBA lenders and can assist you in securing a loan. Whether you are purchasing a business for sale, or any business opportunity, an SBA loan may be right for you.

Financing Program

In addition to accepting 3rd party loans, we also offer an in-house financing program. This program allows a prospective franchisee to finance up to 40% of their franchise fee at a competitive interest rate over 36-48 months. Loans are amortized and payments submitted monthly directly to the franchisor. Contact our office to learn more about this simple in-house financing program.

We urge you to bring your business ideas to life and become a High Touch High Tech franchisee.

Mission Statement
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