High Touch High Tech (ht2) is the leader in developing age-appropriate school science and curriculum - it's why we're the top choice among children's franchises. Our non-competitive, hands-on programs meet the interest of the child and the expectations of parents and teachers.


Our curriculum contains over 150 science programs. Our catchy program names and engaging experiments keep kids coming back for more. Take a closer look at ht2 in action!


School administrators enjoy our science experiments because they both entertain as well as align with their education goals. In most teaching jobs fun is usually not stressed; however, our programs are FUN and educational! High Touch High Tech programs address the needs of each student. Our programs are centered on skill level and the individual experience of each participant.


  • Are aligned with national and state Science curriculum standards
  • Enhance student performance and increase confidence on standardized tests
  • Are infused with new content developed and implemented annually
  • Are protected by copyright in the United States Library of Congress

Program content spans across all areas of the science curriculum including: Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Ecology, Physics, Space, Weather, and more! Although each program is designed for a specific grade, all programs are easily modified to meet the needs of varying grades and levels of student sophistication.

Our Curriculum Development team continues to research and develop new programs and hands-on activities that keep programs fresh and encourage teachers and students to engage in our programs year after year.

As an entrepreneur and a franchisee, you will receive all the tools you need to be successful, including lesson plans, tutorial videos, and teaching aids. These tools are designed to help you save time and stay focused on building a clientele, expanding your reach, and changing lives.

Due to the flexibility and uniqueness of our programs, High Touch High Tech offers a wide range of activities that satisfies a large number of clients.

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