Business Opportunity & Demand

"This is the best field trip ever!" is echoed by students around the world!

High Touch High Tech (ht2 ) is a business opportunity in education! Science education, delivered in a fun, hands-on manner excites children and keeps them coming back for more! Science is universally FUN for children and universally VALUED by parents.

Parents spend most of their money on their children. The majority of this money is spent in 2 ways:

  • Education for their children
  • Entertainment for their children

High Touch High Tech fills that need for both education and entertainment. Our elementary education in-school science workshops are the most popular field trips among teachers and administrators because our programs align with curriculum standards, and include all the hands-on materials that students love. The ht2 teaching style and extensive library of experiments spark student curiosity and imagination; all while keeping them engaged and having FUN! You'll never hear students complain of being bored during one of our programs!

"This is the best field trip ever!" is echoed by students around the world! For more than 2 decades our proven presentation style has met customer demand and created a business opportunity that has filled the unique niche of hands-on science education. Principals, teachers, and parents all agree on the value of High Touch High Tech.

Mission Statement
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