4 GOOD reasons to buy an Educational Franchise!

Here are 4 GOOD reasons to buy an Educational Franchise!

Are these 4 simple, yet good reason to buy an educational franchise? Ultimately, you need to ask yourself if an education franchise is what you want to build your future around. High Touch High Tech is one of the premiere science education franchise opportunities and working cooperatively with them can help you achieve your dream of owning a successful franchise.

  1. Building for the Future with Fulfilling Work:  Younger generations will become the leaders of tomorrow, and without the right tutelage, they could fall short in their endeavors.
  2. Work with a Proven Business Model: Working with a proven business model jump-starts your chances for success.
  3. Support for Yourself While You Support Others: Just as you are invested in the people you mentor, your franchisee is invested in your business. This is a perk that comes with opening an education franchise. Having a larger company supporting your success can add different levels of backing to your business.
  4. Brand Recognition and Marketing Support: rand recognition and marketing can play an integral part in your advertising campaign. Advertising done by the parent company and other franchisees will directly and indirectly support your business.

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Business Leadership: Which One Can You Relate To?


Do you exemplify qualities of a successful business leader? Are you a self-starter? Do you excel in creative thinking and execution of new ideas? Where you lucky enough to be born with “business savvy” skills that just seem to come naturally to you? This article explains the six different types of successful business leaders and provides examples of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

The Hustler is an enthusiastic go-getter who can sell just about anything. They are supremely confident and conscientious and won’t let anything stand in their way. Zig Ziglar and Mary Kay Ash are great examples of this type of entrepreneur!

The Innovator is typically always forward-thinking and adventurous. They constantly seek to challenge old ideas, and find new and unconventional ones.

The Machine simply gets things done. Equipped with an aptitude for solving problems and a high level of efficiency, they always deliver quality.  Bill Gates is an example of a Machine Entrepreneur!

The Prodigy is blessed with an inborn business sense and instinct. They have natural intellect, a stoic demeanor, and strong social skills to help guide them to success. Elon Musk is a great example of a Prodigy Entrepreneur.

The Strategist is a creative and tactical thinker. They are always calculating a game plan. Their habit of long term thinking leads to success.  Two notable Strategist Entrepreneurs are Steve Jobs and Martha Stewart.

The Visionary combines new and innovative ideas with the drive and enthusiasm needed to rally the masses behind them. For example, Oprah Winfrey!

These are 6 business leadership qualities that successful entrepreneurs exemplify. Does strategic creativity come easily to you? Are you able to develop creative ideas and deliver those concepts to the world around you? Do you associate with any of the previously referenced entrepreneurs? If so, you might have what it takes to become an accomplished business owner yourself!


Students are using STEM education to shape new careers in the future:

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Avery County High School seniors in the Science Technology Engineering and Math Academy presented their final capstone projects on May 20, 2016.

Senior Brett Haas presented on how GPS can be used to navigate when hiking. Haas said he has used the technology to extensively explore the Linville Gorge wilderness and locate new formations. Haas said the project helped him decide on a future career outdoors.

This year’s goal is “to understand how we can sustain and enhance our communities” and “to inform the community about our purpose and activities and to collaborate with our local community partners,” according to the Avery County Schools website, averyschools.net.

Avery students who complete the program will graduate with a STEM designation on their diploma, which makes them more attractive to prospective colleges, universities and employers.

Source: http://www.averyjournal.com/news/avery-seniors-present-final-stem-projects/article_fc672390-c194-5f1d-b135-b93820de61d5.html

Kids are Big Business


Kids are big business, thanks to parents who are willing to invest in them. From companies that offer preschoolers a head start to tutoring services that help high-schoolers boost SAT scores, or calculus grades, franchises are earning high marks by supplementing the traditional education system. High Touch High Tech Science Made Fun has emerged as a leader in providing hands-on science experiences for kids.

The hottest topic in education right now is STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Students in the USA are falling behind (ranking 25th in math and 17th in science among industrialized nations, according to the Department of Education), and many parents want to reverse that trend.

According to SciencePioneers.org, “Because STEM is so important for our children, our region and our country, we need to encourage the students currently in our educational systems, as well as future generations of students, to understand and embrace the technology that affects them every day of their lives. Students should be advised on the merits of taking as many math and science courses in middle and high school as possible. And these courses need to be taught by engaged and enthusiastic teachers using hands-on and minds-on activities. Making science and math courses fun and interesting will not only help students to learn, but might also plant the “seed of interest” that could grow into an exciting and rewarding STEM career.”

High Touch High Tech with locations across the USA, is busy providing hands-on science in school “field trips” to meet the needs of teachers. Our field trips are a resource to teachers, and valued by parents and school administrators alike.

This demand for more STEM programming is not limited to the USA. High Touch High Tech Science Made Fun has experienced a surge internationally. Currently HTHT has franchise locations in 8 countries. In 2016 High Touch High Tech Science Made Fun will open locations in China, Dubai, Thailand, Sweden, India, and Vietnam. This trend is likely to continue throughout the year. Parents everywhere are seeking to enhance their children’s lives through educational opportunities. High Touch High Tech Science Made Fun is there for parents everywhere.

Why is High Touch High Tech Science Made Fun getting so popular? One of the key differentiators between HTHT and its competitors is curiosity. Our programs are designed to stimulate the imagination and curiosity of children.



Which Franchise Markets Are The Best?

The most profitable markets or industries in franchising are the ones least affected by the lousy economy that has marked the past few years. No matter how bad the economy, what are consumers still spending money on? One area of the economy that is somewhat recession proof is child care and related areas. People will always continue to spend money on their kids. This money is usually spent in 2 ways, education and entertainment.

Business Opportunities 

In terms of industries, you want to steer toward those that deliver products or services that are considered necessary rather than optional. As times remain tough, many people avoid optional spending to preserve their resources and maintain more financial “safety.”

Services that are usually considered necessities include things like haircuts, senior adult care, child care, child education, child entertainment, and plumbing & restoration services. Choosing a child related service is among the most rewarding. You can actually make a big difference in children’s lives, and make a good living too!

Mission Statement

Products that usually remain in strong demand include fast food and pet products. People will always continue to eat fast food. People will always take care of their pets as well.

If you are ready to embrace franchising, be sure to pick an industry that makes sense in our economy. Pick an industry that is recession proof, where people continue to spend, even though the economy is sour. The child related services industry is keen to continue to grow forever. Besides this industry being good for your wallet, the services you provide to children will warm your heart.

Why High Touch High Tech

To learn more about science franchising opportunities with High Touch High Tech, visit us online at ScienceMadeFunFranchise.net.

High Touch High Tech is the leader in innovative hands-on science and nature experiences for children, serving over 4 million children annually with 27 franchise locations across the United States, Canada, Turkey, Singapore and South Korea.