Beyond a Business: Being a Community Resource

In the age of quarantine and social distancing, our focus is highlighted on the things that mean most to us. For High Touch High Tech, that means the importance for inspiring students who value science, make data driven decisions, and approach the world an eagerness for education is tremendous. As we continue to provide ourselves as a resource to remote learning students, novice homeschooling parents, and adapting teachers, we are building a bond between High Touch High Tech and the communities we serve.

As schools closed across the world, High Touch High Tech franchisees switched from our on-campus enrichment programming to online remote learning, just as teachers had.  Teachers were forced to cancel in-school field trips, but High Touch High Tech was able to offer ourselves as an exciting, educational resource to students, parents, and teachers during an unexpected transition. We were able to provide hands-on education to students adapting to online learning, allowing for learning to be fun and engaging once again.

Many students participated in High Touch High Tech’s Experiment of the Day live broadcasts! Families across the nation gathered in their living rooms and kitchen tables as a High Touch High Tech scientist guided them through the same lessons they would learn in the classroom. Since our foundation, we have believed that learning happens wherever learners gather, and that includes makeshift, social distancing classrooms!

High Touch High Tech franchisees are proud of the lasting impression our business leaves on our community. Whether we interact with children in their classroom, afterschool program, summer camp, or online learning session, students leave with a lifelong love for science. Our franchise opportunities appeal to those who want a business that does more than sell, those who want to make a difference for those they work with. Inquire about a High Touch High Tech franchise opportunity if you are passionate about your community and the children within it.

Child Services and Education Franchises: Recession Proof Businesses

In times of economic instability, people leap into entrepreneurship. The current recession onset by COVID-19 has caused depression-era unemployment numbers, leaving people with business experience, leadership skills, and technology capabilities without work. Find a viable, inspiring way to provide for your family and future by opening your High Touch High Tech franchise.

Social distancing measures closed restaurants, schools, gyms, daycares, recreational facilities and more as guidelines to restrict coronavirus swept the nation. High Touch High Tech was fortunate enough to be able to move our hands-on STEM education model to an online offering, delivering our product to social distancing students across the world. Many center-based child education franchises have struggled to maintain any sense of revenue, as reopening phases across the nation stagger. Home based franchise opportunities have become ever more appealing as changes are embedded in a post-COVID world.

Since High Touch High Tech opened for business in 1992, we have fared our share of financial crises, and this recession is another battle we are defeating. Parents prioritize the education of their children, especially in dire times of economic crises. Working parents and parents looking for work still need to occupy their children, and High Touch High Tech serves the dual role of entertaining and educating children. High Touch High Tech has proven to be a necessity, and a truly recession proof business. Throughout 27 years of highs and lows, the High Touch High Tech franchise system has continued to strengthen and grow.

High Touch High Tech has offered franchises since 1994 and will continue to be the leading child education franchise opportunity. Our franchise opportunities appeal to the independent, optimistic, business savvy, and ambitious potential entrepreneur. Speak with us about your future career today!

Start your Second Career Today: Open a High Touch High Tech Franchise

Change is always possible, one decision away. While most people are intimidated by change, change is often necessary. After 15 to 25 years, same job can become mundane; leaving more to life to be desired. Entrepreneurship could be your next step, allowing you to accomplish more with a fresh set of challenges. Utilize your talents and experience you have accumulated over your first career and become a successful High Touch High Tech franchisee!

Take the chance and assess your likes and dislikes! Our ideal franchise prospects are people who are passionate about education, science, working with children, and engaging with their community! High Touch High Tech franchisees work with a loyal, eager customer base who love our product and continue to welcome us back year-after-year! By starting your High Touch High Tech franchise, you can do something that you are passionate about while changing the life of students! We have franchisees who believe that the work they do with High Touch High Tech is more important and impactful work than when they worked as college professors!

When becoming an entrepreneur, you can establish the culture and leadership you have always wished for in other positions. As the boss you get to determine your team, the people you put in charge, and the overall culture your company has. You can promote the practices of creativity, communication, support, and family within your company! You can become the dream boss you may have never had! High Touch High Tech employees are passionate about what they do, and when you do something you love every day, you never work a single day!

Entrepreneurship allows your talents to be directly represented in your success. When you become a business owner, you have more stake in the success of your business, and your talents are best appreciated at your own company. Take your independence, perseverance and creativity and make yourself successful with a High Touch High Tech franchise! By joining a franchise system, you start with a proven successful business concept. The time spent formulating and building the business has been developed for you, allowing you to be successful and focus on business administration!

Many High Touch High Tech franchisees made their franchise business their second career and have not looked back! Today you can make the change you are desperately needing and open your High Touch High Tech franchise!  

Launching a Home-Based Franchise Business: Start Today!

The current COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our world rapidly, permanently, and beyond belief. More than 42 million Americans are unemployed, whether furloughed or laid off, many who felt stable in their position only months before. Unfortunately, no one has the timeline to say when our economy will begin to heal. Take your fate into your own hands and become the entrepreneur you have always dreamed of.

Restaurants, stores, bars and every other business have panicked in order to be able to pay rent, maintain staff, and maintain any steady revenue. With current social distancing orders in effect, home based businesses are in the highest demand! By opening a home-based franchise business, you can launch your business almost immediately with little overhead cost and remain safely socially distant!

High Touch High Tech offers online an online franchise discovery process to make finding your business as easy as possible! Our franchise support helps you guarantee that our franchise opportunity is the business for you before any investment is made. An at-home franchise model is perfect for anyone eager to become their own boss and change the course of their career!

Inquire about a fascinating High Touch High Tech franchise opportunity today!

Highlighting STEM Education During Economic Downturn

Coronavirus has dramatically changed the way we navigate through the world.  Our personal lives, economy, hobbies, and education institutions have transformed in the blink of an eye. As unemployment rates peak at Great Depression numbers, education opportunities are put into focus for those lacking job prospects.

As we are currently amid the COVID recession, still awaiting conclusion. During previous recessions, higher education enrollment surges as those laid off scramble for an alternative. Careers in the STEM fields are of upmost value, finding themselves with lower unemployment rates, higher average salaries, high job satisfaction, and skills that transfer to all walks of life. STEM jobs account for 20% of all jobs in the U.S., paying an estimated 26% higher average salary than non-STEM jobs. Projected growth within STEM careers are projected to see more than twice the growth of non-STEM careers and play an ever-growing role to the stability of our economy.

While a career change towards a STEM field is of immense value at any age, early childhood education sees the greatest return on investment. The importance of early childhood education cannot be overstated in human development. By establishing a foundation of critical thinking, problem solving, and creative thinking skills in a child early on, they will develop into well rounded, constructive adults. By providing students with the resources to make their own discoveries, encouraging them to ask informed questions, and explore STEM for themselves, High Touch High Tech is developing the skills of curiosity, informed debate, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, data-driven decision making, and flexibility.

Parents struggling with unemployment fixate on their children, hoping to provide them with the education necessary to avoid them falling into a similar situation. By investing in a High Touch High Tech franchise opportunity, you invest in the foundation of our future. Help us to build a stronger economy and an inspired generation of scientists today! Inquiry about a franchise opportunity today!

High Tech of High Touch High Tech: Future of Online Learning in STEM Education

Over the past decade, the popularity of online learning has seen significant and rapid growth. More than 30 percent of higher education students in the U.S. are taking at least one online course, but in the age of COVID-19, online learning has become prevalent at all education stages.  A revolution in education is occurring as conventional classrooms are abandoned for flexible, online courses. High Touch High Tech is fully prepared for this online adaptation, welcoming the future of education.

High Touch High Tech has passionately believed since our foundation in 1992 that learning takes place anywhere learners gather, whether that be a science birthday party, onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise, or at the kitchen table. Schools and universities had to quickly pivot to remote learning in response to the current global pandemic. The suspension of on-campus learning forced education leaders to drastically change the educational experience, and High Touch High Tech shifted alongside.

Online learning is a flexible option, offering students a wide variety of lessons while being fully customizable.  Students can learn where, when, and what they want. Children across cultures have a natural curiosity of science, and when provided with a choice, choose more science! Science is exciting, and by igniting that curiosity early in the educational experience, a passion is born! Research has shown that teachers in traditional education settings are uncomfortable with science, rarely teaching it. High Touch High Tech’s online programming model fits perfectly to correct the STEM literacy gap.

A survey of teachers showed that only around 42% of them are working with students on science once a week. As remote learning students have the flexibility to learn the lessons they choose, High Touch High Tech’s online programming serves students and teachers alike. Students now have more time than ever to learn things they are genuinely interested in. Online courses with High Touch High Tech provide students with an exciting, educational experience they are eager to learn while addressing and improving the historically low STEM achievements of U.S. students.

High Touch High Tech and its franchisees across the world have brought High Tech education to students in an online learning setting. By delivering all supplies directly to students, the same totally participatory experience is had from the comfort and safety of students’ homes. Our franchisees inspire students, before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic!   

Offering On-Location Programs: COVID-19 Response

High Touch High Tech’s franchise system was built on delivering hands-on STEM to any place learners gather; that being a science birthday party, summer camp or after school program, or on-location experience! We have been THE Science Experience that Comes to You!  

Our on-location field trips have saved teachers the hassle of a traditional field trip outing, from school buses to permissions slips. Students are able to be inspired by STEM from an environment they are comfortable and safe in! In the days of COVID-19, safety is of upmost priority as we attempt to restrict the rapid spread of this virus. As childcare centers, summer camps, and schools reopen their doors, CDC recommendations to safely convene greatly change the learning atmosphere.

Field trips, sports, and class sizes are all under scrutiny. Our in-person, on-location option brings a PPE protected scientist to your class, offering an exciting, educational break from the normal school schedule. Summer camps have relied on High Touch High Tech and our franchisees to fill their camp schedule!

Franchisees across the world continue to deliver hands-on STEM to students of the world! Inspire students today by inquiring about a High Touch High Tech franchise opportunity!

Adapting to Online Services: COVID-19 Response

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ~ Albert Einstein

As COVID-19 responses closed schools, churches, stores and restaurants across the country, businesses across all industries scrambled to respond. This virus and the strain it has put on businesses around the world is never before seen; we had no certain counter plan of action. As state by state closed schools across our nation, High Touch High Tech and its franchisees jumped into action. We and hands-on STEM education have persevered.

Some of the largest food chains like McDonald’s and Subway have had to begin offering delivery. Car manufacturers have began delivering vehicles to your driveway, sold with online financing. While large corporations have the capability and staff to make large shifts, small business owners don’t have that same benefit. High Touch High Tech franchise owners have successfully taken their business model of hands-on, on-location field trips, and delivered it to the students of the world from online safety.

Parents working from home have taken up a secondary job as teachers. Online educational videos are surging in success as parents attempt to keep their children busy as they work. High Touch High Tech franchisees have provided the perfect solution for that issue! By delivering sanitary experiment kits directly to the homes of our students, we guide students through the wonderful fields of geology, chemistry, biology and many more!  From our foundation, High Touch High Tech has believed that learning can take place anywhere learners are gathered, whether that be an in-school field trip, summer science camp, or at your kitchen table.

Offering our brand of STEM education to our consumers has helped students regain their sense of normalcy. Facebook live feeds detailing our experiment of the day has been of vital aid to busy parents, allowing their children to be entertained, engaged, and educated. Franchisees from Los Angeles to New Jersey have provided themselves as a lasting resource, building a stronger bond throughout this difficult time.

We endured the challenges of financial crises and a worldwide pandemic, building the bond of the High Touch High Tech family. Our franchisees have remained optimistic in a dim world, and we will continue to strive through the next challenge and celebrate each success.

10 Facts on How Franchising is for You

Become your own boss and enter the franchising world. For the novice entrepreneur, franchising is the entryway to all the benefits of entrepreneurship with the helpful guidance of the tried-and-true franchisor. By the end of this list, you’ll want to open your very own High Touch High Tech franchise!

1. There are more than 785,300 franchise units!

There are more than 785,300 currently operating franchise units in the United States. Franchise industries are becoming more and more diverse, from art and automotive to education and travel opportunities. If you’re interested in science to healthcare, there is a franchise for you!

2. Founding father, Benjamin Franklin, is credited with beginning modern franchising!

Famous printer and founder of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, opened what is considered the first modern franchise in 1731. Entering in contract with Thomas Whitmarsh, a printing company was opened “for the carrying on of the Business of Printing in Charlestown in South Carolina.” Along with franchising, Ben Franklin also invented the lighting rod, bifocals, and a glass harmonica.

3. Franchises employ more than 18 million people!

Franchises employ 18 million people in the United States and output more than 890 billion dollars each year. It is estimated that 10.5% of businesses with paid employees are franchises. The chances are that someone you know works for a franchise!

4. High Touch High Tech was one of the first STEM franchises!

High Touch High Tech taught STEM before the age of STEM! High Touch High Tech was founded in 1992 on the idea that learning science should be FUN, and more than the traditional science textbook experience. We were a pioneer in STEM education!

5. 1 in 12 Businesses are a Franchise!

Franchises make a huge part of the economy. Many people rely on franchise businesses for a uniform product or service they can count on.

6. Average Franchise Investment is $250,000

While this might seem like a large entry cost, franchising allows you to begin being profitable immediately! By having a proven successful product and well recognizable name, your franchise business can start seeing revenue! Franchisors also provide you with support and advice to continue this success! High Touch High Tech’s franchise fee begins with a $52,500 investment, opening our franchise opportunities to many!

7. A franchise opens every 8 minutes!

Franchises are excellent business opportunities, and therefore they’re growing so quickly. You can be the next of this booming trend by opening your own High Touch High Tech franchise!  

8. Franchises generate 2.3 trillion dollars in sales each year.

Franchises are hugely successful and produce 2.3 trillion dollars in revenue each year. By having a recognizable brand name, your customers will trust the product you provide and become return clients!

9. High Touch High Tech has been listed a Top Franchise, Top Low-Cost Franchise, and Top Franchise for Women!

Franchise Business Review has awarded High Touch High Tech as a Top Low-Cost Franchise, Top Franchise for Women and a Top 200 Franchise! This award system is determined by the feedback of over 27,500 franchisees! Our franchisees love their franchise business!

10. High Touch High Tech reaches more than 16 million students annually!

Our franchisees help us extend our mission of hands-on STEM across 12 countries, inspiring more than 16 million students each year!  At any moment, somewhere in the world, a student is learning the power of their imagination, curiosity and observation with High Touch High Tech! Help us to reach 16 million more students by inquiring about our franchise opportunities today!

26 Year High Touch High Tech Franchisee discusses Business Experience

What is your favorite part of your business?
The best part of the business is getting to work along side my fellow teachers who devote their lives to exciting children about science and seeing kids faces light up actually conducting our experiments. We have taught over 2,000,000 Atlanta children during our 25 years in business.
– Helene Helms, franchise owner of High Touch High Tech of Greater Atlanta

Helene Nelms opened her High Touch High Tech franchise the year we began franchising in 1994! After 26 years, she still loves the inspirational work we do!

Find the full business profile by visiting: