25 Years of Growing With STEM

Education at all levels in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—STEM—develops, preserves, and disseminates knowledge and skills that convey personal, economic, and social benefits. Higher education provides the advanced work skills needed in an increasingly knowledge-intensive, innovation-focused economy and society.”  – National Science Foundation


STEM education, focusing on the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, allow the subjects to be taught as a united, real world model. While the United States has overwhelmingly been a leader in the STEM fields, lately fewer and fewer students are choosing these careers. While 28% of high school freshman declare an interest in STEM-related fields, 57% of these students will lose that interest before graduating high school.

The lack of inspiration and motivation necessary for students to succeed in STEM subjects is directly related to inadequate numbers of qualified teachers in the classroom. The Obama and Trump Administrations have made specific grants to be accessed by educators to enhance and support STEM learning. Tapping into these grants to develop more engaging, invigorating science education benefits students and their future career choices.

STEM diverges from conventional science and mathematics teachings by showing students how they can apply the scientific method and scientific themes to everyday life, using STEM as a tool for understanding their world.  Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills that begin at a very early age is lacking. Much of STEM education focuses on early education and the underrepresented populations in the STEM fields. Introducing STEM courses, raising awareness of the STEM occupations and fields, and igniting interested in pursuit of science are the fundamental objectives of STEM studies.

The representation gap within STEM fields is ever increasing. Male students are 3 times as likely to pursue a STEM career than female students. Within STEM graduates, male students are more likely to pursue engineering and technology fields while female students prefer the science fields of chemistry and biology. Looking further into the demographics of STEM fields, we see racial sparsity within career choices. Asian students have displayed the highest interested in STEM fields, where African American students have continuously dropped interest from being the most to least interested demographic. Work is needed by educators to ensure STEM fluency is habituated, regardless of students’ background, by delivering a quality learning environment to each child’s zip code.

STEM careers are of the most value, each focusing on applying scientific principals and problem solving.  STEM related jobs grew three times as quickly as non-STEM positions from 2000 to 2010. STEM careers are shown to be better paid, and more plentiful than many other careers. While the average salary in the United States is around $43,000, STEM occupations earn more than 12-30% across all education levels. Research shows that around 72-75% of STEM employees hold at least a bachelor’s degree. For each graduate with a STEM degree there are 1.73 jobs for each individual, compared to non-STEM occupations in which 4 individuals are competing for each job. Even so, many who hold STEM degrees work in other fields due to their competency. STEM degrees are in much higher demand, showing to be more competent in complex problem solving, troubleshooting, and reasoning.

Recent studies show that when high schools make additional science and mathematics courses available, there was no impact in the rate of which students declare a STEM college major. Teaching in traditional styles lack the effect of an invigorating educational experience. It is necessary for students to be engaged in STEM education to begat success. Hands-on science enrichment allows students to have a glimpse into what an exciting STEM career would emulate, simulating the rewarding future in the STEM fields.

High Touch High Tech was founded in 1994, long before the term “STEM” was popularized. We provide a hands-on science experience at a young age, supporting teachers in developing future STEM graduates. Today’s youth is being under served in STEM, lacking the full circle, real world implications that science supports and develops. High Touch High Tech programs reach over 16 million students annually, granting a discovery in young minds that will change the world.



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National Hire a Veteran Day-July 25th

July 25th is National Hire a Veteran day! Our nation’s heroes are some of the best employees and help us create a stronger work force. Veterans have been shown to have stronger learning curve abilities, a profound understanding of teamwork and how it improves productivity, and leadership abilities within hierarchical and peer structures.
The United States government has a program, the Special Employer Incentives(SEI), which assists with the hiring and retention of military veteran employees. This program assists businesses with salary reimbursements, expenses related to cost of training, and aids in accommodating the needs of the individual veteran. Hiring a veteran can guide you in finding the valuable employee necessary to see your business succeed!
In addition to being great employees, veterans make outstanding small business owners! Veterans have proven their ability to perform under the highest levels of pressure and responsibility, making them well equipped to handle the stresses of entrepreneurship while being effective and successful! One of the many benefits of being a small business owner is the ability to work a flexible schedule, which is an added convenience for active and reserve military personnel.
High Touch High Tech values the skillset that our veterans bring to the workforce! We offer a Veteran’s Discount on the Franchise Fee to open a High Touch High Tech location and look forward to offering this to our Veteran’s and their families! High Touch High Tech is a Small Business Administration(SBA) approved franchise and will work with you to secure your Veteran’s Small Business Loan!

Our franchisees are changing the world one young scientist at a time!
P.O. Box 8495, Asheville, NC 28814


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Ins and Outs of Small Business Administration Loans

Are you looking to start a franchise but not sure where to get the money from? The United States Small Business Administration can help with their variety of SBA loans. They’re guaranteed by the federal agency, which allows lenders to offer them with flexible terms and low interest rates. Getting one can help you grow your business without taking on possibly crippling debt.

Here is a list of the different SBA loans that you can apply for to start off your business:

7(a) – The SBA’s flagship program. Offers federally guaranteed term loans of up to $5 million. Funds for working capital, expansion, equipment purchases. And processed through banks, credit unions, specialized lenders

504 – Offers federally guaranteed term loans of up to $5 million.  Funds for buying land, machinery, facilities and is processed through private-sector lenders and nonprofits

Microloans – Loans of up to $50,000. Funds for working capital, inventory, equipment, starting a business and is processed through community-based nonprofits.

Disaster Loans – Loans of up to $2 million. Funds for small-business owners affected by natural disasters and other emergencies and is processed through the SBA

The SBA can guarantee up to 85% of its loans of $150,000 or less and 75% of loans of more than $150,000. The agency says its average loan amount was about $375,000 in 2016. The program’s maximum loan amount is $5 million.

How do I get an SBA loan?

The best place to start is the SBA website, which includes a loan application checklist. Use this to gather your documents, including your tax returns and business records.

Here are some of the documents you’ll need before applying:

  • SBA’s borrower information form
  • Statement of personal history
  • Personal financial statement
  • Personal income tax returns (previous three years)
  • Business tax returns (previous three years)
  • Business certificate or license
  • Business lease
  • Loan application history






4 Online Passive Income Ideas

What is passive income?
It is a way to earn money with out being involved after the initial steps have been set up. The idea is to make money with out putting in any effort, essentially make money while you sleep.
1. Start a blog
Find your niche and write about it. Seems pretty simple and once you get a large enough following it will provoke different markets and products to use your platform to sell a variety of things based on your topic. A good understanding of how to market through social media would be required for this to work.
2. Write and publish an e-book
Write a non-fiction e-book on a topic you are well versed on is a great way to make income because it has virtually no over head and you don’t need to mail anything out. Preferably only non-fiction because fiction is not as profitable because of the massive market already created with Amazon and kindle.
3. Create an online course
An online course can take a lot of work up front to create. Finding your niche is best way to utilize the technical skills from your topic and create a course based on that. Once created like the e-book everything is automated and ready to go for your passive income.
4. Make a smart phone app
It is not the easiest thing to make with out the correct knowledge but it is possible to research and learn how to make an app. With the right idea an app can take off once made and be a great success like Instagram or Uber.








IFA’s Franchise Forecast Strong Again in 2013!

Here We Grow Again!

Thinking of buying a franchise this year? If so, you will have company. Nearly 11,000 new franchise units are expected to open doors in 2013 in the U.S., according the International Franchise Association.

Wednesday, the IFA released its first quarterly update to the highly watched economic outlook & the numbers are promising! Reports show that the number of franchise businesses in the U.S. are expected to grow by 1.3% this year  – jumping from 747,359 to 757,438. 

Using economic analysis’ by IHS Global Insight, the Washington DC based advocacy group, says that franchise businesses are expected to generate $802 billion in revenue – employing a whopping 8.3 million people in the United States by the end of 2013!  The industries expected to experience the most growth during the anticipated surge range from the quick service restaurant industry to the child related & educational market.

High Touch High Tech – Science Made Fun is seeing tangible results from this entrepreneurial boom as they prepare for their newest location to open its doors this June in Sacramento, California. For more than 20 years, High Touch High Tech-Science Made Fun has established their brand as a global leader in the child & educational service industry. The worldwide STEM movement has resulted in a resurgence of the education industry especially within the fields of science, technology, engineering & math. With their recognized hands-on science experiences, the High Touch High Tech brand has built a reputable franchise network & joined the ranks of the elite with their timeless business model.

By dollar volume, the quick-service restaurant category including names such as Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts, show the most sales. These big-box brands are estimated at bringing in more than $200 billion in revenue in 2013.

But, we ask, “is dollar volume the most important?” To some, the simple answer is yes. But for many, the answer is more complex. In today’s economy, entrepreneurs are seeking ways to make their investment mean something; seeking a brand that they can count on to be there 10…20…30 years from now; a business that speaks a universal language, reaches every age & makes a difference in their customers lives & their community.  For these people, their search often directs them to the growing industry sector which serves children. These are the franchises that are changing the world. If you are a passionate person and enjoy working with children, then a franchise in the children’s services sector is for you.

It’s never been a better time to start a meaningful business. From former educators to corporate executives, the High Touch High Tech-Science Made Fun franchisees come from all walks of life. So, are you ready to make your mark?

Click Here to See the IFA’s ‘2013 Franchise Business Economic Outlook’ Infographic 

To learn more about the rewards of ownership & the available franchise opportunities with High Touch High Tech, visit us online at ScienceMadeFunFranchise.net.

High Touch High Tech is the leader in innovative hands-on science and nature experiences for children, serving over 4 million children annually with 28 franchise locations across the United States, Canada, Turkey, Singapore and South Korea.


Which Franchise Markets Are The Best?

The most profitable markets or industries in franchising are the ones least affected by the lousy economy that has marked the past few years. No matter how bad the economy, what are consumers still spending money on? One area of the economy that is somewhat recession proof is child care and related areas. People will always continue to spend money on their kids. This money is usually spent in 2 ways, education and entertainment.

Business Opportunities 

In terms of industries, you want to steer toward those that deliver products or services that are considered necessary rather than optional. As times remain tough, many people avoid optional spending to preserve their resources and maintain more financial “safety.”

Services that are usually considered necessities include things like haircuts, senior adult care, child care, child education, child entertainment, and plumbing & restoration services. Choosing a child related service is among the most rewarding. You can actually make a big difference in children’s lives, and make a good living too!

Mission Statement

Products that usually remain in strong demand include fast food and pet products. People will always continue to eat fast food. People will always take care of their pets as well.

If you are ready to embrace franchising, be sure to pick an industry that makes sense in our economy. Pick an industry that is recession proof, where people continue to spend, even though the economy is sour. The child related services industry is keen to continue to grow forever. Besides this industry being good for your wallet, the services you provide to children will warm your heart.

Why High Touch High Tech

To learn more about science franchising opportunities with High Touch High Tech, visit us online at ScienceMadeFunFranchise.net.

High Touch High Tech is the leader in innovative hands-on science and nature experiences for children, serving over 4 million children annually with 27 franchise locations across the United States, Canada, Turkey, Singapore and South Korea.