The Great Resignation: The Post Pandemic Exodus

Millions of Americans are looking to leave their job. A Gallup poll found that 48% of employees are actively searching to make a change in their employment; between the months of April and July of 2021, 16.5 million workers quit their jobs. What is driving this mass exodus? The pandemic exacerbated points of contention across society, and employment numbers are feeling the pressure.

Traditionally the most common reasons for employee resignation are salary grievances, feeling unchallenged and uninspired, wanting a better work culture, or simply looking or a new environment. This pandemic shifted the priorities of employees, causing them to reckon with feeling undervalued, unheard, underpaid, topped with the constant threat of COVID-19. People are in desperate need for a change and have a new energy to pursue that dream job.

Surviving layoffs is no longer the reason to stay at a job that makes you unhappy.

Now is the time to act. People are demanding that companies be better, offer more, and quit treating employees like machines. Providing financial stability, fleeing a toxic workplace culture, and achieving work-life balance is the true target. While you could make the decision to rush into what could potentially be another job at a new company that refused to invest in employee wellbeing, you could make the most brilliant employment decision. Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is the solution to feeling voiceless, achieving your work-life balance, and being financially free. You’ll never have to worry about feeling undervalued or feeling that you lack control. You get to build your own business culture, see the financial reflection of your hard work, and work less as you become more successful. Instead of putting the fate of your resume into the hands of another self-serving company, make the investment in you.

Nervous about the idea of becoming your own boss? Don’t be. High Touch High Tech’s franchise opportunities turn the previous employee to a savvy, driven business owner. We provide extensive, hands-on training, and continue to provide our expertise as your business grows. As a franchise owner, you’ll be able to build a successful business, while inspiring children in your community, and never having to call anyone boss again.

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Starting a Second Career from HOME!

As we’ve all heard (approximately a trillion and a half times), this last year and a half has been… tough, to say the least. Transitioning to work or school at home, throw in a layoff or two, then whatever is happening now, we’ve all had employment whiplash. It has been grueling, and I believe many of us are in desperate need of something fresh.

Continue to working from home!

Working from home was easily the best part of the pandemic. Not having to put on slacks?! SIGN ME UP! Why does working from home have to end? You can consider a home-based business. You don’t have to give up your work to life to using your own bathroom balance! A home-based business would allow you to become your own boss for a low starting price and continue your commute from bed to your in-home office. Couple all the benefits of working from home with those of becoming your own boss.

Beginning your second career is an opportunity to do something you’ve never done before. Challenge yourself in new ways! Polish skills you never knew you had, and prove how much more you can do! Some things come easier than others and understanding your strengths and weaknesses can really identify what is going to be a good fit for you! When purchasing a High Touch High Tech franchise, we identify your skillset and support you in the things you aren’t as comfortable with. You can be most successful, most challenged, and most rewarded through out franchise opportunity!

Make the best career change for you!

It’s estimated that people change jobs an average 12 times in their life, but how can you make this career change stick? A new job should be something you’re interested in, something that makes you feel content. High Touch High Tech offers franchise opportunities to people with a plethora of interests including STEM, working with children, or just having fun! Rebrand yourself as an entrepreneur!

When starting your second career, you need to properly vet all your options to find the perfect fit. Remember how many times that glass slipper was tried on until it fit Cinderella? Speak with us today about our franchise options and see how well you would fit into our franchise system! Our current franchisees love their business, and you could start to love your career again too as a High Touch High Tech franchisee!


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Generation Z: Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Who is Gen Z?

Millennials, or Generation Y, born from 1982 through 1993 have been rumored to be the most entrepreneurial generation. Yet, Generation Z or the ‘Next Gen,’ who were born between years 1994 and 2010 are positioned to become the most entrepreneurial generation ever seen. Gen Z is the “Internet Generation,” they are tech savvy, self-educated, connected. A recent study of Gen Z’ers concluded that 72% of them wanted to start their own company, utilizing entrepreneurship to have control over their lives, become debt-free, and to choose a purposeful life.

Entrepreneurs can create their own schedules, creating the work-life balance many seek. Many studies have concluded that people who leave little time for themselves after working long hours have a 33% higher risk of stroke and a 13% higher risk of heart disease. Work-life balance is more than enjoying vacations and having free time, it is a health risk. Gen Z’ers may be the generation to break free of restrictive 9-5 schedules to prioritize their health and family, and entrepreneurship is the key.

Why are Gen Zers turning towards entrepreneurship?

Generation Z is the most optimistic and purpose driven generation. Two-thirds of Gen Z’ers say they are optimistic about the future, while 55% say they believe they place emphasis on whether their work has a purpose. The upcoming generation wants there to be an end goal, an objective for the reason they are working, wanting to improve the world through the work they do. Generation Z wants work to be more than profit, and there is no better brand for them than High Touch High Tech. For the optimistic Gen Z’er, High Touch High Tech is improving the world through STEM education, leaving a lasting impression on the 16 million students we reach each year. Our franchisees have the satisfaction in knowing their work has meaning and benefits our world.

Generation Z can take their work life into their own hands through entrepreneurship. By becoming your own boss, your earnings are a direct reflection of your hard work; you can choose when you work, and what you are doing. For the novice entrepreneur, franchising is an excellent way to branch into business ownership. Franchising allows someone with no entrepreneurship experience to launch a business with a proven successful concept, offering support to guide your business in the right direction. High Touch High Tech is a purpose driven franchise, leaving a lasting impression on the students, teachers, and parents we serve. If you are ready to take your life by the reins, inquire about a High Touch High Tech franchise today!  

New Partnership with JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside District

JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside District

In the middle of our global pandemic, High Touch High Tech has some very EGGciting news to share. In October of 2020 we joined the historic JW Marriott Plant Riverside District’s Ultimate Dinosaur Adventure, in Savannah, GA.

We were asked to develop a number of dinosaur related experiments and activities for the hotel’s youngest guests. These activities were designed to stimulate the imagination and curiosity for dinosaurs in kids, and kids at heart.

Among the programs being contemplated by the hotel are a collection of High Touch High Tech’s amazing dinosaur experiences: DNA Discovery, Crater Makers, Amber Exploration, and Fossil Fever.

We have currently implemented our dinosaur egg experience, where the children will search for the eggs, carefully chisel them, while using a scientific tool called a pipette to ease removal of the dinosaur inside. Kids get to keep their egg shell, as it reveals an intact fossil too!

Join Dusty, the Dino Ranger, for the Ultimate Dinosaur Adventure!

Employee to Owner: Rising through the Franchise Ranks

Many employees dream of one day becoming their own boss. A franchise business owner often takes a less traveled path, becoming a franchise employee before rising to franchise owner. By working in a business, you have a valuable perspective; you experience the inner workings of the business, understand what it takes to be in charge, and gain an appreciation for the work employees do. At High Touch High Tech, some of our top preforming franchisees worked as franchise employees prior to opening their own locations.

Rocket Ryan, franchise owner of High Touch High Tech Detroit and Oakland County worked as a part time scientist and fell in love with High Touch High Tech’s programming and mission. As a franchise employee, he witnessed the impact our business has on children, experiencing the excitement in children firsthand. Rocket Ryan believes in finding compassionate, inspired staff to leave a lasting impression on the students he serves, helping to establish a lifelong interest in STEM. By becoming an entrepreneur, Rocket Ryan has been able to enjoy the flexibility and success of being a successful business owner and pours his heart and soul into his business.

“I chose [High Touch High Tech] because I love doing it. I was a part time scientist and I just fell in love with the programming and working with the kids.”

Rocket Ryan, franchise owner of High Touch High Tech Detroit and Oakland County

Another owner who rose from franchise employee to franchise owner is Volcanic Victoria of High Touch High Tech Chicago. After working for High Touch High Tech for 3 years as a scientist, she saw how our teaching platform of engaging and inspiring children from an early age was her passion. Volcanic Victoria had 10 years of experience in education prior to becoming a franchise employee, and when the chance to purchase our Chicago franchise from her boss presented itself, she realized there was no better opportunity. By believing that STEM is the key to unlocking innovation, Volcanic Victoria wants to set the foundation for engaging, creative education to propel ideas for our future. Within a year, Victoria was able to move her at-home business into an office, creating a larger and more successful business than the business she previously worked for.

“The joy you see on students faces, how they give you hugs when you’re done teaching because they had such a good time, seeing them smile and laugh. They actually remember what you teach them. That’s what sold me on High Touch High Tech.”

Volcanic Victoria, franchise owner of High Touch High Tech Chicago

 Rocket Ryan and Volcanic Victoria are only two franchisees that prove how successful franchise employees can become as franchise owners. By gaining firsthand experience into our market, the inner workings of the business, and becoming passionate about our mission, these franchisees have been hugely fortunate, and have grown from employee to entrepreneur. While you don’t have to have been a franchise employee to become a lucrative franchisee, experiencing our business motivates people with almost any background. Become your own boss and inspire children today by speaking with High Touch High Tech about our franchise opportunities!

High Touch High Tech: Demonstrating Franchise Resilience

Pressures of economic downturns and recessions force consumers to make tough decisions. When buying into a franchise business, you want to choose one with the potential to ride out economic peaks and valleys. What are the telltale signs that a franchise will be able to soar over the times of scrupulous spending? The longevity of a franchisor, the necessity of its product or service, and how economically viable the expenses are deciding factors to identify the most recession resistant franchise.

High Touch High Tech was founded in 1992, and we have seen our fair share of economic decline. During the Great Recession, High Touch High Tech’s franchise system grew as laid-off employees sought to become their own bosses. When consumers are making tough decisions as to where to spend their money, they continue to spend with High Touch High Tech. Over the course of 26 years, we have proven to be a beloved resource to our community.

Education is a necessity regardless of the status of the economy. In fact, in times of economic downturn, the focus on education is highlighted as those effected searches for a way to avoid another layoff. High Touch High Tech provides hands-on, engaging STEM education. STEM career fields pay an average 20-30% than non-STEM graduates. Investing in early childhood STEM education provides a strong foundation for children to a top earner in the future.

When spending slows, franchisees need to be able to cover business expenses. When looking into franchise opportunities, check the franchise fees, royalty fees, supplier rates, and lease negotiations. Being a home-based franchise, High Touch High Tech saves franchisees the cost of retain space. Our programs use accessible, unaffordable materials that the most frugal franchisee can afford! Our business is cheap to begin and cheap to maintain, allowing franchisees to keep their profits!

High Touch High Tech is a franchise that has proven our resilience over 26 years. Our programming is a necessity to the teachers, students and parents we serve, and our low overhead costs allow franchisees to afford their business during economic slowdown. You can open your own recession proof franchise today by speaking with a High Touch High Tech agent!

10 Myths about Being a Successful Franchisee

1. You must follow all franchisor recommendations.          

While many of the tools a franchisor provides you have proven successful for most of their locations, the beauty about franchising is the capability to put your own spin on things. There is more than 1 way to succeed, and each franchise location does things their own way.

2. To be a top franchisee, you must be a workaholic.

You don’t have to eat, sleep and breath your franchise to be successful. By working smarter instead of harder, your business will see the results! Invest in amazing employees, create systems that don’t require your direct involvement, and allow the work you do spend your time on to be productive!

 3. You need ample business experience.

Franchising takes people without business experience and make them into entrepreneurs. Many of the most successful franchisees willingly stick to the franchise system, instead of using their past experience to steer them against the franchisor. By perfectly executing the proven model, they reap the benefits!

4. Franchising is expensive.

While there are franchises with million-dollar franchise fees, not all fantastic franchise opportunities come with huge overhead! Home-based and service franchises have lower start-up costs. High Touch High Tech offers a home-based model with a 1.5-1.8 million population territory for an incredibly affordable price! By opening a franchise with High Touch High Tech, you can be immediately profitable without breaking the bank!

5. There is no room for creativity.

Franchisors provide the framework and you run your business as you see fit. You can develop your own business administration, marketing, and hiring processes, or focus on operations! By buying into a franchise, you can further your creativity while promoting your brand and business!

6. Franchising is struggle free.

While franchises fail less often than traditional businesses, there is never a guarantee of success. Franchises provide you a support team, so whether you need help with marketing or operations, your franchise family can steer you in a successful direction!

7. Your franchise must have name recognition.

Branding can work for or against you. In PR nightmares, you’ll regret the large name your brand carries. Brand name should have less to do with your choice of franchise, while ROI, business structure, initial investment, and success rates should hold more weight in your decision making.

8. I’ll be successful immediately.

All businesses take time to build. As you make yourself familiar with the workings of your business, you can grow at a rate that is comfortable for you. By doing the legwork in the beginning, you can create a path of success!

9. I’ll immediately know which franchise is right for me.

There’s a reason that franchise consulting is such a huge business. Finding the right franchise that fits you is difficult, and love at first sight is rare. Think with your business brain, do your research, and take the time to understand the details of each opportunity. Schedule a call with High Touch High Tech at anytime to learn more about our opportunities!

10. I need a background in my franchise.

Growth comes from uncomfortable places. You develop transferable skills at each job, and franchising is about running the business, not what the business is. Instead of struggling with ideas developed in past positions, you can start fresh! Having a job is much different than being an entrepreneur!

Franchising is an amazing opportunity which provides hundreds of thousands of business owners to succeed for themselves! High Touch High Tech is the leading education franchise opportunity with a simple, home based franchise model. Get started on your franchise career today and speak with a member of the High Touch High Tech team about our opportunities!

Finding Purpose in Your Business

Purpose is the reason for doing something, the intended goal and result, a determination. By understanding the purpose of your work, you have a direct goal, inspiration, and a reason to stay engaged from day to day. In fact, 90% of people who work for companies which establish a clear purpose feel engaged in their work, compared to the 32% of employees at non-purpose focused companies. For High Touch High Tech, our purpose since our foundation in 1992 has been to expose children to the amazing world of science through hands-on, innovative programs.

What High Touch High Tech goes further than sales, we are in the business of inspiration. Our franchise owners share the common goal of increasing the scientific and technological literacy of children everywhere. High Touch High Tech reaches 16 million students annually, and by engaging students through hands-on experimentation, we spark the imagination needed for the innovations of the future.

High Touch High Tech franchisees know that the work they do each day is valuable. Each day, franchisees across the world leave lasting impressions on children, creating the next generation of scientists. If you want to be in a business with purpose, make the world a better place, and make a genuine, positive impact, a High Touch High Tech franchise opportunity is for you. Speak with us about franchising today!

Female Entrepreneurship: Propelling the Economy one Business at a Time

Between the years of 1997 and 2017, the number of female owned business increased by 114%. These businesses employ 23 million people and generate more than 3 trillion dollars in revenue; female entrepreneurship is growing at a rate that 2.5 times higher than the national average. Of these newly founded businesses, 71% are female entrepreneurs are women of color, making entrepreneurship more diverse than every before. Women serve as the primary or co-breadwinner in almost two-thirds of American households, and entrepreneurship grants them flexibility, opportunity for greater income, and a high level of satisfaction and optimism.

Of the 11 million U.S. businesses owned by women, 68% of those businesses are run from the home. Home based businesses allow entrepreneurs to save money on commercial spaces, start their businesses with less risk, and improve work-to-life balance. Operating a business within the home allows offers opportunities for tax deductions, something that novice entrepreneurs may need to take advance of. Mothers often take a more heavy-handed parental role. By working from home, female entrepreneurs can take care of their sick child and set their own schedule, all while making money by and for themselves. Home based business may be partially to credit for 78% of female entrepreneurs feeling as though they have achieved true work-to-life balance.

One of the greatest selling points for entrepreneurship is the ability your hard work to be reflected in your income level. When your earning potential is directly proportional to your achievements, you will no longer miss asking for raises or waiting for promotions. While there is the good and not so good in every business, business owners hold the keys to building a larger, more stable business. Entrepreneurs create jobs, contribute to the economy, invest in their communities, innovate, and create wealth. The success of small business owners is directly relative to the success of the U.S. economy.

Entrepreneurs are the happiest people in the business world. An estimated 85% of happiness stems from the relationships we have, and as an entrepreneur, you can decide who you work with. By building your own team you can create the business you have always wanted to work for! It is also important that business owners do something they enjoy, something they find meaningful, whether that be working with children or teaching science! Many studies have concluded that the most motivating factors in business are challenging work, pleasant coworkers, and opportunities for growth. As an entrepreneur, you can expect a daily challenge, opportunities to grow your business, and you can hire all the pleasant coworkers you please!

Business ownership is empowering, and female entrepreneurship propels our economy. High Touch High Tech has been awarded a Top Franchise for Women by Franchise Business Review, with more than 55% of our franchise locations being owned or co-owned by women! If you are passionate about working with children, attaining a work-life balance, working from home, creating your own income, and being happy while you do it, a High Touch High Tech franchise is for you! Speak with us today to grant yourself the freedom of entrepreneurship!

The Future of our Franchise: Our CEO’s Vision

“High Touch High Tech was founded on the notion we need to pull the science out of the textbooks and put it into the hands of the students. This approach has been very successful for the last 26 years. 

This year with school closures our franchisees had to slam on the brakes on our in school experiences, and through the power of passion for science education we have pivoted to offer online content, still adhering to our core value of hands-on learning. Every enrolled child in any of our online programs had the science materials shipped to their home, school, or camp. 

I am so inspired by our franchisees, our students, and our many customers for refusing to let this crisis stop the science education. In fact, what we have all learned from this crisis, is we must follow the science. I am deeply thankful that High Touch High Tech plays a role in building the scientific leaders of the future.”

Dinosaur Dan Shaw, Founder and CEO of High Touch High Tech

As we work to regain our sense of normalcy in a post COVID work, High Touch High Tech and our franchisees will continue to inspire students to make data driven decisions, explore information for themselves, and follow the science. Investing in a High Touch High Tech franchise opportunity means investing in the next generation of researchers, pathologists, vaccination developers, and citizens that value science.

While COVID is bigger than each of us, High Touch High Tech has become as stronger franchise system, a dedicated resource to our community, and pursuer of science.