Child Services and Education Franchises: Recession Proof Businesses

In times of economic instability, people leap into entrepreneurship. The current recession onset by COVID-19 has caused depression-era unemployment numbers, leaving people with business experience, leadership skills, and technology capabilities without work. Find a viable, inspiring way to provide for your family and future by opening your High Touch High Tech franchise.

Social distancing measures closed restaurants, schools, gyms, daycares, recreational facilities and more as guidelines to restrict coronavirus swept the nation. High Touch High Tech was fortunate enough to be able to move our hands-on STEM education model to an online offering, delivering our product to social distancing students across the world. Many center-based child education franchises have struggled to maintain any sense of revenue, as reopening phases across the nation stagger. Home based franchise opportunities have become ever more appealing as changes are embedded in a post-COVID world.

Since High Touch High Tech opened for business in 1992, we have fared our share of financial crises, and this recession is another battle we are defeating. Parents prioritize the education of their children, especially in dire times of economic crises. Working parents and parents looking for work still need to occupy their children, and High Touch High Tech serves the dual role of entertaining and educating children. High Touch High Tech has proven to be a necessity, and a truly recession proof business. Throughout 27 years of highs and lows, the High Touch High Tech franchise system has continued to strengthen and grow.

High Touch High Tech has offered franchises since 1994 and will continue to be the leading child education franchise opportunity. Our franchise opportunities appeal to the independent, optimistic, business savvy, and ambitious potential entrepreneur. Speak with us about your future career today!

Start your Second Career Today: Open a High Touch High Tech Franchise

Change is always possible, one decision away. While most people are intimidated by change, change is often necessary. After 15 to 25 years, same job can become mundane; leaving more to life to be desired. Entrepreneurship could be your next step, allowing you to accomplish more with a fresh set of challenges. Utilize your talents and experience you have accumulated over your first career and become a successful High Touch High Tech franchisee!

Take the chance and assess your likes and dislikes! Our ideal franchise prospects are people who are passionate about education, science, working with children, and engaging with their community! High Touch High Tech franchisees work with a loyal, eager customer base who love our product and continue to welcome us back year-after-year! By starting your High Touch High Tech franchise, you can do something that you are passionate about while changing the life of students! We have franchisees who believe that the work they do with High Touch High Tech is more important and impactful work than when they worked as college professors!

When becoming an entrepreneur, you can establish the culture and leadership you have always wished for in other positions. As the boss you get to determine your team, the people you put in charge, and the overall culture your company has. You can promote the practices of creativity, communication, support, and family within your company! You can become the dream boss you may have never had! High Touch High Tech employees are passionate about what they do, and when you do something you love every day, you never work a single day!

Entrepreneurship allows your talents to be directly represented in your success. When you become a business owner, you have more stake in the success of your business, and your talents are best appreciated at your own company. Take your independence, perseverance and creativity and make yourself successful with a High Touch High Tech franchise! By joining a franchise system, you start with a proven successful business concept. The time spent formulating and building the business has been developed for you, allowing you to be successful and focus on business administration!

Many High Touch High Tech franchisees made their franchise business their second career and have not looked back! Today you can make the change you are desperately needing and open your High Touch High Tech franchise!  

Launching a Home-Based Franchise Business: Start Today!

The current COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our world rapidly, permanently, and beyond belief. More than 42 million Americans are unemployed, whether furloughed or laid off, many who felt stable in their position only months before. Unfortunately, no one has the timeline to say when our economy will begin to heal. Take your fate into your own hands and become the entrepreneur you have always dreamed of.

Restaurants, stores, bars and every other business have panicked in order to be able to pay rent, maintain staff, and maintain any steady revenue. With current social distancing orders in effect, home based businesses are in the highest demand! By opening a home-based franchise business, you can launch your business almost immediately with little overhead cost and remain safely socially distant!

High Touch High Tech offers online an online franchise discovery process to make finding your business as easy as possible! Our franchise support helps you guarantee that our franchise opportunity is the business for you before any investment is made. An at-home franchise model is perfect for anyone eager to become their own boss and change the course of their career!

Inquire about a fascinating High Touch High Tech franchise opportunity today!

Highlighting STEM Education During Economic Downturn

Coronavirus has dramatically changed the way we navigate through the world.  Our personal lives, economy, hobbies, and education institutions have transformed in the blink of an eye. As unemployment rates peak at Great Depression numbers, education opportunities are put into focus for those lacking job prospects.

As we are currently amid the COVID recession, still awaiting conclusion. During previous recessions, higher education enrollment surges as those laid off scramble for an alternative. Careers in the STEM fields are of upmost value, finding themselves with lower unemployment rates, higher average salaries, high job satisfaction, and skills that transfer to all walks of life. STEM jobs account for 20% of all jobs in the U.S., paying an estimated 26% higher average salary than non-STEM jobs. Projected growth within STEM careers are projected to see more than twice the growth of non-STEM careers and play an ever-growing role to the stability of our economy.

While a career change towards a STEM field is of immense value at any age, early childhood education sees the greatest return on investment. The importance of early childhood education cannot be overstated in human development. By establishing a foundation of critical thinking, problem solving, and creative thinking skills in a child early on, they will develop into well rounded, constructive adults. By providing students with the resources to make their own discoveries, encouraging them to ask informed questions, and explore STEM for themselves, High Touch High Tech is developing the skills of curiosity, informed debate, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, data-driven decision making, and flexibility.

Parents struggling with unemployment fixate on their children, hoping to provide them with the education necessary to avoid them falling into a similar situation. By investing in a High Touch High Tech franchise opportunity, you invest in the foundation of our future. Help us to build a stronger economy and an inspired generation of scientists today! Inquiry about a franchise opportunity today!