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Top 10 Stress Relievers During Quarantine

Many of us are extremely stressed as we adjust to a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anxiety and fear surrounding the disease, economic impact, and a restricted social life is at an all-time high. Stress hormones have a negative long-term impact on physical health, so try these 10 stress relieving tips today! 1. Get […]

Mutants of Matter

Sir Isaac Newton was a physicist, astronomer, mathematician and demonstrator of gravity is one of the most influential scientists of all time!  Newton defined that liquids and fluids behave as having a constant viscosity or flow, meaning their normal behavior only changes with a change in temperature or pressure. Between water’s freezing point of 32⁰F […]

Chemical Reactions

Chemicals are all around us! Water, soap, salt, baking soda, vinegar and bleach are all chemicals you probably have at home now. What are chemical reactions? Most of us hear chemical reactions and we think of a crazy haired scientist in a laboratory, but in reality, chemical reactions are happening all around us all the […]

Chemistry Cat Fight

If you’ve ever seen oil and water interact, you know some things simply don’t mix! Like cats and dogs, oil and water refuse to get along and work together! Oil and water didn’t get into a fight, but instead they have differences at the very smallest unit… molecules! All things are composed of matter, from […]

Calling the Coral Reef Home!

Around 71% (and rising) of Earth’s surface is covered in water, providing a home to an estimated 50-80% of the life on our planet.  Our oceans are our most diverse habitat and are vital to Earth’s ecology. Among the underwater habitat is the coral reef, the most diverse ecosystem that 25% of marine life calls […]

Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

Which hand do you use to write? 90% of the population is right-handed, while a mere 10% are lefties. Scientists are unsure why the vast majority of prefer use of their right hand, but there is evidence to contribute hand dominance to genetics, health, or even your environment. Hand dominance reflects the asymmetry (lack of […]

Have a Heart!

What does your heart do? Your heart is the center and key organ of the cardiovascular system, working along with your blood, veins, and arteries. Our body’s cardiovascular system serves to circulate blood throughout our body, delivering fresh oxygen to our cells! Blood also helps to remove unwanted waste, control your body temperature, and fight […]

Finding Fossils!

Our planet is estimated to be 4.54 billion years old, or 4,540 million years old! Imagine a birthday cake with 4,540,000,000,000 candles on it! Modern humans have only been around for the past 200,000 years, but scientists can date prehistoric life from 3.5 billion years ago! Fossils are physical evidence of early organisms that lived […]

Make Forensics Fun!

Forensic science solves crimes by applying disciplines of science such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, and engineering to analyze evidence! Bad guys may not think they have left incriminating evidence behind, but forensic science helps to make sure that justice is served! Biometric technology is a sector of the forensic sciences and is used […]

Thumbs up for Thumbs!

Take a look at your hands, what do you see? You have 5 fingers, one of them being a thumb. The thumb looks, moves, and preforms different actions than your other fingers. Without our thumbs, there’s a huge variety of tasks that we couldn’t preform! Let’s explore the importance of our thumbs! Our thumbs are […]