Make Being Your Own Boss your New Year’s Resolution!

With each new year comes a surge of gymgoers, people putting down their bad habits, and a barrage of resolution to be better this year. New Year’s resolutions are a great way to improve your personal life, but there’s always improvement in your business life as well. Have you grown tired of your cubical, rush hour traffic, and making someone else the big bucks? Maybe this New Year is your opportunity to change that!

Being a business owner is a challenge! A challenge worth overcoming. As an entrepreneur, you can test your skills as a salesperson, an accountant, and HR director, and so many more! All the while, you’re making money for yourself! Your hard work will pay you directly!

High Touch High Tech franchise owners have a business they love and enjoy doing each day! Our franchisees are in the business of changing lives! Hands on science education is a great way to build the next generation of zoologists, doctors, and engineers!

Ready to set the ultimate resolution? Read more about High Touch High Tech’s franchise opportunities at:

High Touch High Tech works to secure HT2 Science Trademark for Chinese Franchise

Pictured is High Touch High Tech founder and CEO, Dinosaur Dan Shaw, pictured with family and our intellectual property attorneys in China.

High Touch High Tech is working to secure the HT2 Science trademark for our Chinese franchise location. We are continuing to grow High Touch High Tech’s global footprint, and inspire children through science across the world!

The Gift of Education

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” – Kofi Annan

A quality and well-rounded education is important through the life among all age groups, casts, creeds, religion or region. Education is the process in which knowledge, understanding, values, skills, beliefs, moral habits, and necessary change will be achieved.

Knowledge is the ticket to overcoming economic status and being victorious over personal and social issues. Education is a birth right to anyone who wants to make more of life than crime and creates a better and more peaceful society. By providing education, we transform minds, and therefore construct change.

Education allows individuals to have a confidence in life that cannot come from any other source. And educated person becomes a good citizen. We dream of a future geared towards success, and that is only possible through a worthy education.

High Touch High Tech believes education is the greatest gift you can give. Education can happen wherever there are people willing to learn. Give your children the gift of education this holiday season, and make STEM learning an essential part of their lives.

Frequently Asked Question: Buying a High Touch High Tech Franchise

How much will it cost?

High Touch High Tech has a franchise fee cost of $52,500 for a territory of 1.5-1.8 million population density. Continuing franchise royalty fees are at 7% of gross sales.

High Touch High Tech is a home-based franchise model. This allows our franchise owners to save money on a commercial real estate space and invest that money into their supplies. It is expected to spend anywhere from $10,000 to $12,000 on your launch supplies and marketing for your new High Touch High Tech business.

Am I good candidate for High Touch High Tech?

Potential High Touch High Tech franchisees would all ideally have experiences in sales and marketing, business administration, and working with children. Owning a High Touch High Tech franchise is an enjoyable experience, and our franchise owners love what they do each day!

High Touch High Tech franchise owners enjoy the following:

Working with people

Following a strategic plan

Staffing, training, and supervising

Conduction presentations

Interacting with school administrators, teachers, parents and kids

Marketing and spreading the word about High Touch High Tech

Handling business administration

Building customer relationships

Engaging in community festivals and events

Networking… and so many more!

How much time will I need to invest?

For each new High Touch High Tech franchise owner, the corporate office dedicates an entire week to the hands-on training, market research, and territory-specific strategy of their new location.

After the initial franchise training is completed, High Touch High Tech franchisees return to their territories to launch their new business! We provide franchise owners with a marketing plan to start their business and the exciting STEM programming that students have been enjoying for 25 years! Franchise owners can immediately start scheduling in-school field trips, after-school programs, pre-school programs, and science birthday parties!

Who is High Touch High Tech?

High Touch High Tech was originally founded in 1992 and has been franchising since 1994. We have proven successful in times of economic instability and have adapted to major shifts in education trends and standards.

High Touch High Tech succeeds when our franchisees succeed. Our franchise owners can command their business as they see fit, tapping into the readily available support from the corporate team whenever necessary.

High Touch High Tech has over 36 franchise locations in 11 countries! High Touch High Tech serves more than 16 million students each year with the reach of their franchise owners and corporate partners. We believe that learning takes places in any space that learners are gathered!

What does it take to be a successful High Touch High Tech Franchisee?

A successful franchisee will be an active franchisee. Franchise owners who are visiting schools in their territory, developing a comprehensive marketing plan, and have an energetic presence on social media platforms will be successful!

Successful High Touch High Tech franchisees will have a passion for the work they do every day! Our business sells itself, because who doesn’t want more science?!

Common Misconceptions of Franchising

Franchising is an amazing way to branch into entrepreneurship! Many aspiring business owners can be intimidated by the thought of becoming their own boss, and many of those fears are rooted in misconceptions.

1. Franchising is Expensive.

There is vast diversity in start-up costs for franchising! There is a franchise to suit every budget! Other than one-time franchise fee and the continuing royalties, franchise expenses aren’t very different than other businesses. While franchise investments are something to think about, they come with the added benefit of having an established product and service model! This saves you LOADS of preparation time that building a business from scratch takes.

When looking into franchising, think about the other costs associated. Home-based franchise models are more financially tangible, with the added benefit of working from home! High Touch High Tech’s business model allows you to utilize the space you’ve already paid for, instead of leasing a commercial real estate space!

2. The franchise with the best-known name is best.

A brand name can work for or against you. While a household name is doing well it comes with its successes, but in a public relation crisis your business will feel the pain! Focus more on how the franchise suits you, your staffing needs, hours of operation, and the investment needs. It will be your business, so you want to choose the franchise that you’ll want to work with in the long run!

3. I can’t manage a business without experience!

Yes, yes you can! Franchising is an amazing way for new entrepreneurs to come in with detailed map of success. Franchises offer the support, training, services and products, and marketing strategy so you don’t have to! You initiate your business with a plan and followed with continued support to ensure your success!

High Touch High Tech offers 25 years of programming and experience, aided by hands-on training! Our new franchise owners spend a week at the corporate franchise offer, learning the ins-and-outs of running their High Touch High Tech franchise! We spend that week learning how to execute programs, developing marketing skills, and blueprinting a success map for your territory!

4. Franchises are controlled by the corporate office.

We at High Touch High Tech believe in franchisee autonomy. While many franchisors stifle the creativity in running your own business, we allow you to manage your business as you see fit!

We welcome new ideas and encourage you to be creative for the benefit of your business and our franchise system!

5. Franchises are food and retail.

This misconception is rooted in the many years of fast food and retail franchise domination. The franchise game has diversified! Whether your passion is education, auto-services, fitness, or elder care, there is a franchise opportunity for you!

Each year Franchise Business Review comes out with the top 200 franchises. High Touch High Tech was listed on the top 200 for both the domestic and global franchise listings!  Over 30,000 franchises were surveyed on franchisee satisfaction, and we’ve been top rated for again and again! We’ve also made it onto Entrepreneur Magazines top 500 franchise list!

6. Buy for your hobbies!

Hobbies change more often than passions. High Touch High Tech speaks to those with a passion for education, children, or even science! Franchise specialists often warn against buying franchise businesses related to your hobby. When your mortgage relies on your golf franchise, your opinions of the sport may change.

7. My franchise will run itself!

While you start your business with an established marketing and operating system in place, there is still work to be done! In the beginning of your business, you will still be spending time developing, managing, and growing your business!

High Touch High Tech seeks franchise owners who wish to be hands-on! Our business model of hands-on science grants a franchise owner who wants to participate in the day to day activities of their business!

8. Success is a guarantee.

As much as we wish it were true, success is never guaranteed. There is lots of hard work that goes into a successful business. Franchisors provide the tools in which to succeed, but they aren’t responsible for your success!

High Touch High Tech has successfully been franchising for over 25 years! We are continuously developing programs to suit our franchisees and providing the support to aid your success. Our successful franchise owners all have 2 things in common; a passion for their business, and the ability to work hard.  

9. Franchisors only care about fees, not my success.

The franchise succeeds when franchisees succeed! There would be no franchise without you! High Touch High Tech wants our franchisees to seek new opportunities in their business and want to help guide you to your goals! It is in our best interest to see our franchise owners run a successful business!

10. My Franchisor will handle all marketing.

While franchisors can provide content and guidelines on marketing to your local territory, it is your duty to utilize it! The majority of franchisor created marketing is going to do more to create brand awareness and recognition. Utilize the marketing guidelines created by your franchisor to branch into your local market!

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Day in the Life of a High Touch High Tech Franchisee: Dr. G of High Touch High Tech Maine

“I love my work; I love doing different things. My job is never boring.” -Dr. G, Franchise Owner of High Touch High Tech Maine

Dr. G has a background in academia and taught at the University of New England. “Even with my background in academia, I continue to learn new things each day. I’m continuously widening my horizons.” Our High Touch High Tech franchise owners can create a domino effect of knowledge, teaching their staff, students, parents, and even themselves.

There are no two days of owning a High Touch High Tech franchise are the same! Whether you spend your day in the classroom, providing hands-on science experience to students, or spend your day catching up on your business administration, you maintain the resonating pleasure of changing lives every day.

High Touch High Tech franchise owners use every and any opportunity to market their business! “I didn’t know I can the ability to be a salesperson. My passion is science education, so I can talk about my passion, and sell my business authentically.” There isn’t a single school that a franchise owner enters that believes they have enough science! Our business sells itself! Being able to sell a product that is valued across cultures and people through all walks of life makes your business successful!

Most of our franchise owners keep an inventory of program brochures to market when moment is available! Marketing franchise owners will never enter a school who believes their students are receiving enough STEM education! Once teachers are familiar with our brand, they make High Touch High Tech a regular part of their students’ learning experience.

Our franchise owners widen their horizons each day, growing their skillset and adding different tools to their “toolbox.” High Touch High Tech is celebrating 25 years of franchising and want to continue to grow our reach of STEM excitement!