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Make Being Your Own Boss your New Year’s Resolution!

With each new year comes a surge of gymgoers, people putting down their bad habits, and a barrage of resolution to be better this year. New Year’s resolutions are a great way to improve your personal life, but there’s always improvement in your business life as well. Have you grown tired of your cubical, rush […]

High Touch High Tech works to secure HT2 Science Trademark for Chinese Franchise

Pictured is High Touch High Tech founder and CEO, Dinosaur Dan Shaw, pictured with family and our intellectual property attorneys in China. High Touch High Tech is working to secure the HT2 Science trademark for our Chinese franchise location. We are continuing to grow High Touch High Tech’s global footprint, and inspire children through science […]

The Gift of Education

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” – Kofi Annan A quality and well-rounded education is important through the life among all age groups, casts, creeds, religion or region. Education is the process in which knowledge, understanding, values, skills, beliefs, moral habits, and necessary change […]

Frequently Asked Question: Buying a High Touch High Tech Franchise

How much will it cost? High Touch High Tech has a franchise fee cost of $52,500 for a territory of 1.5-1.8 million population density. Continuing franchise royalty fees are at 7% of gross sales. High Touch High Tech is a home-based franchise model. This allows our franchise owners to save money on a commercial real […]

Common Misconceptions of Franchising

Franchising is an amazing way to branch into entrepreneurship! Many aspiring business owners can be intimidated by the thought of becoming their own boss, and many of those fears are rooted in misconceptions. 1. Franchising is Expensive. There is vast diversity in start-up costs for franchising! There is a franchise to suit every budget! Other […]

Day in the Life of a High Touch High Tech Franchisee: Dr. G of High Touch High Tech Maine

“I love my work; I love doing different things. My job is never boring.” -Dr. G, Franchise Owner of High Touch High Tech Maine Dr. G has a background in academia and taught at the University of New England. “Even with my background in academia, I continue to learn new things each day. I’m continuously […]