25 Reasons to be Thankful

25 Reasons to be Thankful

1. Family: 

Family, especially during the holidays can be a source of stress. And all the same time, family is your greatest gift. What would Thanksgiving be without the traditional Family football game, an argument over the wishbone, or Aunt Linda’s pecan pie? Even when they’re overbearing, remind yourself of all your family’s quirks, memories, and reasons why you love them all.

2. Pumpkin Spice:

Whether it be Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkin pie, or new pumpkin recipe, it isn’t quite Thanksgiving without a pumpkin dish.

3. Emergency Service Personnel:

Each holiday, doctors, firefighters, police officers, military servicemen, EMT’s and all emergency personnel are working. While they would rather be home, spending the holiday with their loved ones and enjoying their feasts, they have a duty to be on call in the event of an emergency. One of these heroes are probably one of your loved ones! They tirelessly work 365 days a year, so show them your gratitude by bringing the firefighters a treat, or by donating to a veteran’s drive.

4. Autumn Leaves:

Without the fall leaves, we wouldn’t recognize our favorite season. There isn’t much more comforting than the scenic views, gratifying crunch under your boots and the cool, refreshing fall air.

5. Tiny Hand Turkeys:

The crafty little hand turkeys and pilgrim hats that your nieces, nephews and children bring home from school are a staple of the Thanksgiving holiday. What would the holiday be without a little DIY children’s decoration?

7. Pets:

As it’s becoming ever more popular to have fur-babies instead of children, we have to be thankful for our pets. The begging eyes from under the dinner table to napping with your kitten, show love to your fur friends!

8. The Macy’s Day Parade:

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is as traditional as Thanksgiving itself. The parade began in 1924, and has been televised since 1952, and it has grown to be one of the largest parades in the world. Watching the parade, surrounded by the smell of food and family is the pinnacle of Thanksgiving.

9. Friends:

Most people are closer to their friends than they are to their family. They save the day by being a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to, and an accomplice when they’re needed. We can all agree our lives are better with our friends in them and be sure to remind them how much you love and appreciate them this holiday.

10. Food:

Thanksgiving is a foodie’s day. Food is the bonding agents across cultures, and throughout time has brought people together to celebrate. Take a moment to be thankful that you have food to eat all year long on Turkey Day.

11. Safety:

The news is full of alarming, heartbreaking things. While you’re reading this article you’re probably in peaceful, safe place, and that’s something to be grateful for. Use the Thanksgiving holiday as an opportunity to give back to those who don’t have the security that you’re so fortunate to have.

12. Your Cozy Kitchen:

Thanksgiving is the opportunity to dust off your best china, dabble with old family recipes, and bond while cooking. Have the kids help set the table or mix the potatoes so they can share a sense of pride in the finished meal.

13. Health

Regardless of physical health, you’re lucky to be alive! We’re fortunate to be able-bodied and bright-eyed more often than not, so be thankful that you’re still kicking!  

14. The Holiday Spirit:

More than 35% of all charitable donations are given in the last 3 months of the year.  The helping holiday spirt brings out the best in each of us, and that’s more important than food or gifts combined. Donate to a charity, invite a neighbor or lonely senior into your home to share your family with them for Thanksgiving.

15. Kindness of Strangers:

While a stranger smiling at you in the grocery store, holding the door open for you when your arms are full, or letting you go ahead of them in line doesn’t seem like much, it’s something to be thankful for. Humans are all innately the same, we want to be healthy and happy, and to be treated with hospitality, so be grateful for the kindness of strangers this holiday.

16. Time Off from Work:

Holidays fortunately mean you get some free vacation days, which we are all grateful for. Being able to wear your comfy pants instead of your suit and tie in the middle of the week is worth being thankful!

16. Dessert:

There are so many options for dessert on Thanksgiving, and the holiday urges you try them all! Be grateful for Aunt Susan’s pie, grandma’s banana pudding, and your mom’s cobbler.

17. Children:    

Children bring an amazing, unfiltered perspective.  Whether they’re telling you what they’re learning in school this week, or loudly noticing you’ve gained a few pounds, kids are worth being thankful for.

18. Warm Sweaters:

Cooling down in the winter months means you get to bring your favorite fuzzy sweater back out of the closet. Bundle up with your comfy clothes, and take a post-turkey nap this Thanksgiving.

19. Parents:

There’s no one that loves, cares, and appreciated you quite like your parents do. Mothers and fathers are the glue that hold traditions together. Even if you can’t see your parents on Thanksgiving, know they would rather be spending it with you.

20. Football:

Thanksgiving football and a full stomach is how many of us spend the holiday. Playing football in the back yard or watching your fathers-in-law’s team beat yours is a memory made.

21. Relaxtion:

The nights are getting longer, and the days are getting cooler. Thanksgiving weather is perfect for cuddling up to binge watch your favorite show or read a book.

22. Indoor Plumbing and Electricity:

Our ancestors had outhouses, candles, and pigeon-mail. We have so many conveniences making everyday life easier by leaps and bounds. This Thanksgiving ask your family what life would be like without the internet, indoor toilets, cell phones, or running water.

23. Open Restaurants:

After you’ve burnt the turkey and the grocery store is closed, an open restaurant is a what you’re most grateful for. Sometimes you’ve got to let someone else do the cooking. Be sure to tip your server well!

24. Black Friday Sales:

Gearing up for the shopping Super Bowl on Black Friday? Everyone loves half priced TV’s, clothes, and jewelry! And if fighting over Legos in Walmart isn’t quite your thing, Cyber Monday awaits!

25. Gratitude:

Be thankful for being thankful! Being able to reflect on the reasons you love your life can fight seasonal depression, relieve your anxiety and lower your blood pressure. Happy people live longer, and you have 25 reasons to be thankful for your life!

Thanksgiving is so much more than food and festivities. It’s a time to ponder the lessons we learned over the year, spread happiness around, and appreciate all the great memories and amazing people we have in our lives. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at High Touch High Tech. 

The Significance of a Partner: High Touch High Tech and Royal Caribbean Cruises

A partner is a person who takes part with another, operating in business and sharing the profits of mutual success. High Touch High Tech “edu-tainment” programming has been on board Royal Caribbean Cruise lines for 22 years and has become a staple of their programming for children fleetwide.  

Founder of High Touch High Tech, Dinosaur Dan Shaw, accredits the very successful partnership with Royal Caribbean Cruises as one of the most significant achievements of his career. “The last 8 cruise ships that Royal Caribbean has build has had a dedicated science lab. Every square inch of a cruise ship is designed to be revenue generating, and Royal Caribbean has dedicated a space for High Touch High Tech’s brand of hands-on science. We capture the curiosity and fuel the imaginations of vacationing children, all thanks to our partnership with Royal Caribbean.”

We have developed family friendly programming, specially for Royal Caribbean, so that families could participate in science programming together. When Royal Caribbean was approached in 1998, they welcomed an educational, fun experience for the children on board. Whether parents participate in the Adventure Science programs, or are sunbathing on the ship deck, they know their children are having fun and being educated all at once. 

High Touch High Tech has been able to take their hand-on science mission and deliver it to the general consumer with the assistance of Royal Caribbean Cruises. More than 400,000 kids each year participate in an engaging science experience, making learning a fun memory on a Royal Caribbean Cruise.  We are excited to see our partnership continue to grow and blossom with Royal Caribbean and look forward to be a growing part of their guests’ vacation experience.

The Benefits of Variety in your Product Line

Why is a business having multiple products or services important? Having a variation of products and services provided within an established brand allows a company to leverage the existing familiarity and charm it has with its current customer base. Developing an extended line of products allows businesses to extend on the expertise they already have, offers a solution to various needs of their customers, develops an additional economy within the business, and builds upon the existing relationships between business and customer.

High Touch High Tech was created when founder Dan Shaw went to his daughter’s elementary school festival. They created a make-and-take science experiment booth in which students participated in a hands-on experiment and learned complex science topics in an exciting and engaging environment.

The teachers approached the founder, and urged Dan to come back, because teachers hadn’t seen students take such an active role in their own education. High Touch High Tech was born, and Dan began going into schools and preforming in-school field trips. Each “field trip” included all experiment ingredients, lesson plans, expressive scientist, and clean up, all coming to a teacher’s classroom.

In-school field trips grew to become High Touch High Tech’s bread and butter, proving the company as a partner to teachers and parents to want to better prepare their children and students. High Touch High Tech has been in operation for over 25 years, having been established in 1992, and has grown to have franchise locations in 11 countries! Students inspired by hands-on science experiences demanded more, and High Touch High Tech began expanding themselves to birthday parties, summer camps, after-school programs, pre-schools and more. These services align us better with reinforcing parents’ values of educating their children to become successful, responsible adults.

Parents have proven to spend their money in two ways; one on their children’s education, second on their children’s entertainment. High Touch High Tech accomplishes both, with intriguing programs that educate and bewilder young minds. Need for access to STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) education is ever accelerating in the innovative world of tomorrow, and parents demand their children be accurately prepared to compete. Regardless of a parent’s education level, culture, profession or age, STEM education is a stipulation of a well-rounded education.

Living in a world where technology plays an increasing role in our lives, children under the age of 8 are spending almost 3 hours of each day in front of a screen. The reliance on technology is curbs the creativity of children, creates virtual, meaningless accomplishments, and fails to build in-person social skills. The drawbacks of technology are forcing parents to find alternative venues of stimulation for their children, and High Touch High Tech has found some solutions.

Science themed birthday parties are unique, exciting ways to give children a valuable experience. In an article by a popular parenting magazine, parents admitted to spending an average of $400.00 on their child’s birthday party, before including presents. By the time that child turns 21, their parents will have spent $11,000 on birthday parties, enough for a year of tuition at an in-state university! Parents who invite High Touch High Tech into their homes for a celebration of their children understand the dual purpose, their children and guests will be entertained and will take new information with them. That’s a better party favor than money can buy!

High Touch High Tech also offers afterschool programs, pre-school programs, and summer camps. By making education a part of life beyond the classroom, making it a part of their summer vacation, daily schedule, and an early education experience fortifies STEM education as a paramount in children’s lives. STEM education differs from tradition science education, because it focuses on early education, real world implication of scientific topics, and engaging students across backgrounds. Developing critical thinking, problem solving, and confidence in learning is crucial to a student’s success.

Franchise owners have been able to adapt their business to focusing on these various services lines as their territory demands.  While the majority of our franchisees have focused their efforts on in-school field trips, other owners have adapted to working the pre-school, afterschool, birthday party, or senior citizen markets. As a franchise owner of a High Touch High Tech location, we offer you the autonomy of directing your business as you see fit, and our franchisee success reiterates that we have an impeccable business model.

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25 Years of Franchise Support: A Culture of Teamwork

Over the course of 25 years, High Touch High Tech has grown to over 36 franchise locations in 11 countries. Our corporate staff, franchise owners, and in-field scientists make a marvelous team, with the common goal of reaching each child with our hands-on science programming. The benefit of being a part of a franchise system is not only having a franchise implemented business model and their support, but a community of like-minded franchise owners.

High Touch High Tech 2018 Franchisee Conference

As a franchisee joins a brand, they enlist in a larger franchise identity. Everyone in the organization administers their own business across various territories, delivering a product and working toward similar goals. Here at High Touch High Tech, our franchisees rely on and support each other, offering and receiving advice on implementing programs, locating the cheapest suppliers, tapping into various revenue streams, and building a sense of companionship across the franchise network.

We believe that the experiences of our franchise owners are an opportunity of growth and are prodigious sources of developing best practices! Our franchisees are our largest and best asset, their skills and struggles are what makes us experts. Working together to solve problems allows our franchisees to be motivated and engaged and makes High Touch High Tech a stronger franchise as an entirety.

High Touch High Tech 2015 Franchisee Conference

Teamwork makes the dream work. We succeed when our franchises succeed, and that is the definition of teamwork. Our franchise owners all share the common goals of wanting to create a better prepared generation of citizens. STEM education allows our youth to better relate to each other, understanding their world, to become the inventors and discoverers our future needs. Each of our franchise owners see STEM education as the tool necessary to success and have a passion for inspiring little people.

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