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Change Now! Before it’s too Late

Familiarity is comfortable. Familiarity feels safe, at least until the winds of change begin to blow. By the time you hear of gossip predicting financial collapse, it’s too late. Panic ensues, you’re left drowning in a sea of paranoid peers battling layoffs, bankruptcy and failure.   But how do you stay ahead? How do you […]

Social Media Marketing: Utilizing it as an Effective Tool

The average person uses social media websites for approximately 136 minutes a day, and as the number of social platforms increase so does the time being spent on them. Time spent on social media is greater than time devoted to grooming, eating and drinking, or even in-person social interactions. Using social media as a marketing […]

Science Experiences that Come to You: High Touch High Tech Secures Trademark

High Touch High Tech: Science Experiences that Come to You! The United States Patent and Trademark Office has once again renewed and awarded this trademark to High Touch High Tech. A slogan that so well represents the goal, objective and purpose HT2. “This phrase has resonated with a generation of teachers to define and represent […]

Planning for the Future: Buying A Recession-Proof Franchise

In our current US market, the economy is fortunately doing quite well! There is current expansion in job creation, GPD growth is continuous, interest rates are reliable and steady, and inflation is low! These are all very strong markers of a strong economy, or also known as the Goldilocks Economy. The Goldilocks economy was named […]