Why Didn’t I Think of That? 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Franchise

Looking to start a new venture in the franchising world? Remember “Ask Why Before You Buy!

What we mean by this is, before buying a new franchise, there are several things you should ask the franchisor.  These questions can give you a lot of insight into what you can expect as part of this franchise. 

1. What initial services do you offer? This will let you know the level of involvement you can expect from the franchisor to help you get your new franchise off the ground.  

2. What assistance do you provide in obtaining finance?  Starting a franchise can be expensive, so knowing whether or not you can expect some help from the franchisor is important.  

3. What help will I receive in arranging local advertising and promotions? Are there standard promotions (radio spots, print ads, etc.) available for my use?  Advertising can be a big upfront expense, so it is important to know if you will need to budget for your own advertising campaign or the franchisor offers assistance in this area.   

4. Can you give me specific examples of problems that your franchisees have faced and how you have been able to help them? This question will help you find out how the franchisor supports franchisees. The franchisor should be able to provide examples about how a franchisee in need was helped.  

5. What can you tell me about some of your franchisees that have been very successful?  What about those who have not had great success?  Knowing what has worked in the past (and what hasn’t) will be very beneficial in developing your business plan.  

6. What kind insurance must I have? Do you have an arrangement with a broker or a company offering special rates?  Again, this is another expense that you may have to include in your budget.  

7. Do you provide ongoing training in the form of workshops, conferences, seminars, regional meetings, refresher or advanced courses?  Knowing that your franchisor will continually be offering support and guidance can put you at ease when you are starting a new franchise.  

8. What is the day-to-day business like for your franchise? This important, often overlooked, question will let you know what you can expect on a daily basis as a franchisee.  

9. What employee characteristics are typically found among employees at one of your franchises?  Employees are often the face of a business, so knowing what characteristics to expect could be important to your decision.  

10. What are relationships like between the franchisees Knowing if there is a familial feeling among the franchisees or heavy competition is an important dynamic to understand before becoming a part of a franchise. 

Starting your own business is exhilarating in itself, but it’s even better when you have an experienced support team by your side that has been there before, knows the many different aspects of the small business landscape, and can offer guidance every step of the way. 

That’s the High Touch High Tech (ht2) franchise advantage!

High Touch High Tech is a brand with global exposure and appeal; a dependable, rewarding and profitable home-based franchise opportunity. Our franchisees provide a variety of fun, entertaining and educational science experiences to children in schools, preschools, camps, libraries, community centers, and private homes; ultimately, wherever children are found in their communities. These highly sought-after innovative and engaging educational programs are easy to deliver.

We offer you a unique opportunity to build a successful business while contributing to your community. Get started today with your franchise by teaching science fun to children. Our services are in high demand. Teachers, parents, school administrators, businesses and government have vested interests in enriching children’s science experiences. High Touch High Tech franchisees realize the benefits of providing programs that make science fun, and accessible.

Why reinvent the wheel when High Touch High Tech has a proven track record and a recognized brand? Take our successful concept and combine it with your talents to inspire the scientists of tomorrow. Get started by going to http://sciencemadefunfranchise.net/.

Franchisee Spotlight Person is……


 Our March 2018 Franchisee Spotlight Person is…….


High Touch High Tech of South Florida


1. What is your favorite food?

All foods that she doesn’t have to cook….as Ms. Ann does not like to cook! I love Seafood, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Indian, Jewish, Israeli, Japanese, Vegan, Vietnamese etc.

2. What is your favorite music?

Classic Rock and Roll (I am an old Hippie), and “Islandy” music like Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet.

3. How do you spend your free time?

My free time is spent hanging out with my sweet hubby Michael. Sitting  in our hot tub, going for a boat ride on our little fishing boat and spending time with my 3 children that live close by and my incredible 3 grandchildren. We have 1 daughter who lives in Germany and I really enjoy skyping with her on the weekends. We love going  down to the Keys to get away and are blessed to have that as an option since we are only a 2 hour car ride to Key Largo! I also love playing with my Italian Greyhound Max, my 2 rats “The Wrat Brothers”…Orville and Wilbur and our Gofen Cockatoo, Billy.

4. Superhero you most identify with?

Wonder Woman. I enjoy being very busy, I enjoy keeping a very organized and neat office and personal space, I enjoy volunteering at the local Animal Care and Control where I am an official “Dog Walker”. It seems as if every day from beginning to end is busy, busy and I aspire for excellence in all that I do.

5. Favorite part of owning a HTHT Franchise?

The independence I have in my day. I like being a business woman and having control as to how I manage my employees, clients and office. I also enjoy knowing that our program has a direct and powerful impact on the lives of children and I know that hundreds of children over the past 23 years that I have been doing  this, have gone into a science field as a result of our hands-on science programs.


Thank you Ann Ezratty for all the hard work you do at HTHT of SFL and Congratulations on becoming the 2018 1st Quarter Franchisee Spotlight Person!!