Why You Should Buy a Franchise Instead of Starting Your Own


It is very rare a person will have all the natural expertise in every area of starting a successful business. Franchises provide an organized way to start, operate and grow a business. If the franchise is successful it should give you the whole framework of how the business is started.

Each business is individually owned and managed, however it gets to use all the benefits of the organization with the support and care of the franchiser.

-Group advertisement.
-Benefit of using known and legit services, trademarks, proprietary information, patents and designs. 
-Training from head quarters successful operators.
– Lower risk of failure and loss than starting a business from scratch.
– Complete operational assistance from the franchiser, during the beginning of start up and after in financing, accounting, employee training and operational.

Government research in previous years has been found that the success of franchise owned businesses verse non-franchise owned/ small businesses are much higher than the non-franchise businesses.


Quick tip!
If you chose a franchise that is in an area/ skill you really love, there is a much higher chance of succeeding and enjoying your job and company! 



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4 Online Passive Income Ideas

What is passive income?
It is a way to earn money with out being involved after the initial steps have been set up. The idea is to make money with out putting in any effort, essentially make money while you sleep.
1. Start a blog
Find your niche and write about it. Seems pretty simple and once you get a large enough following it will provoke different markets and products to use your platform to sell a variety of things based on your topic. A good understanding of how to market through social media would be required for this to work.
2. Write and publish an e-book
Write a non-fiction e-book on a topic you are well versed on is a great way to make income because it has virtually no over head and you don’t need to mail anything out. Preferably only non-fiction because fiction is not as profitable because of the massive market already created with Amazon and kindle.
3. Create an online course
An online course can take a lot of work up front to create. Finding your niche is best way to utilize the technical skills from your topic and create a course based on that. Once created like the e-book everything is automated and ready to go for your passive income.
4. Make a smart phone app
It is not the easiest thing to make with out the correct knowledge but it is possible to research and learn how to make an app. With the right idea an app can take off once made and be a great success like Instagram or Uber.








Four reasons why texting should be incorporated into your business

Four reasons why texting should be incorporated into your business!

The smart phone is changing consumer behavior. 

Read the 4 reasons below:

#1 Strategy

Getting someone to write, email or subscribe is much more difficult than asking for a phone number and texting them.

Most people are already using their phone to browse the web or email. A text is a simple and quick way to deliver more information.

#2 Establish leads through text = fast and efficient.

When you have a potential prospect make sure you have these three things aligned:

  • Is all the information correct?
  • Is this person interested enough to continue through the process?
  • Are you able to communicate with this person?

#3 Use business texting to follow-up and close sales.

Most prospects make up 92% that don’t get more than 4 follow-ups

This is why most people give up on prospects early:

  • A bad process that causes the prospect to slip away easy.
  • Unable to reach the prospect.
  • Competition reached them first.

#4 Schedule, confirm, and reschedule appointments through text.

If an appointment is confirmed the chances of them cancelling are much lower.

        Ways to confirm:

  • Automatically, through time-triggered messages.
  • Personally, to a group.