Here is your chance to see science made FUN for kids. These science videos are an excellent tool to evaluate our programs as a business opportunity. Buying a business can be a difficult decision, but after viewing these YouTube videos, you can see how much fun the kids and the instructors are having.

High Touch High Tech (ht2 ) programs are hands-on, and very engaging for children and adults. These video clips show how science can truly be fun!

As you watch the videos and contemplate what business to buy, you will see the expressions of joy on the children's faces that make owning a ht2 franchise so rewarding.

Please visit our YouTube Channel for more videos!


Welcoming Ilham as our newest Franchise Owner in Dubai!
Dubai Franchise Training 2016
High Touch High Tech Does Birthday Parties!
Science Birthday Parties
Fun Science Video - Water Cycle and Evaporation
Students in Turkey Experience Hands-On Science
Fun Science Video
Color Festival Association Mission Day Camp Vietnam
Fun Science Video
High Touch High Tech is Science Made Fun - Cool Science Lesson!
Fun Science Video - North Hollywood Buzz TV News Feature
North Hollywood Buzz TV News Feature
Never Stop Learning on WLOS News
Never Stop Learning on WLOS News


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