Our Story

Sparking Curiosity

High Touch High Tech (ht2) was founded by Daniel Shaw in 1992. A scientist by training, as a little boy and through his childhood science always took center stage for Shaw. In 1992 his daughter came home from school and asked for help in preparing her classroom's booth for the school carnival. Shaw, a research scientist at the time offered the obvious suggestion, "Let's do fun science!" A eureka moment followed, and shortly after High Touch High Tech was born. "Developing the programs was easy" said Shaw, "all you need to do is spark curiosity."

Our Story

Months of research and teacher interviews cemented Shaw's desire to make science fun for everyone! Shaw envisioned a program where every learner would roll up their sleeves and perform REAL science experiments using REAL science materials! The dawn of the information age was upon us, and Shaw knew that these unique experiences would not only teach kids science in a fun and entertaining manner, but that they would long remember it; hopefully developing a lifelong love of science. As technology was quickly consuming our lives, Shaw recognized that technology was all based on fundamental hands-on science principles. This is what led to the name of this amazing program, High Touch High Tech.

The Wonder Years

Shaw and his team grew quickly and the expansion of ht2 began. Teachers began sharing their feedback and ultimately made High Touch High Tech a permanent resource in their classrooms. Many new franchisees came on board, and now these incredible programs were touching the lives of thousands of children. Expansion continued beyond our borders, and High Touch High Tech welcomed international locations; in 1998, corporate partnerships began developing, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines partnered with ht2 to provide our unique science experiences for their youth program. So popular, the program continues today on 26 ships. In 2000, the new millennium ushered in more hotels and resorts anxious to offer our programs. Coupled with the growth of our international locations, this proves that our brand of science is universally fun for kids and is valued by parents of all cultures.

Now and Beyond

High Touch High Tech is a globally recognized leader in innovative hands-on science experiences for children. More than 16 million children annually take part in High Touch High Tech science experiences. Somewhere in the world, at this very moment, there is a High Touch High Tech fun science experience happening!

A Child Does a Fun Science Experiment
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